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Hey guys, I’ve sort of fallen behind in December with posting my daily photos. So here are the rest of the photos of 2015. I decided to not do a photo a day for 2016, but I am hoping to start it up again in 2017. I need a little break, that’s all. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed this little challenge.

Day 332: Jon loves his little Giant gingerbread man. Too bad the Giants aren’t doing so hot this year, not that Jets were any better.


Day 333: I was feeling the holiday decorations and took some photos of my festivity deers.


Day 334: Snapping some of the sparkles on my railings.


Day 335: Someone’s cat was walking around and I tried busting out my telephoto lens. This little cutie had some crossed eyes.


Day 336: Tried taking some photos of some Canadian geese that were resting in the little man make ponds in my development. They apprently didn’t like my presence and flew away.


Day 337: Still taking some photos of the plant life.


Day 338: Target had the most sparkly wrapping paper. I thought my nieces would love it- apparently not. On Christmas day they declared it TOO sparkly. Oh well.


Day 339: Jon went to Wordcamp (a convention for WordPress) for work, and got an extra ticket from one of his co-workers. So I was able to go on Saturday. We sat through a few lectures, then went to HipCityVeg, then to the art museum. The museum had their Christmas decorations up, and a chorus singing throughout the museum. It was pretty amazing.


120515-o-1 120515-o-2

Day 340: Pine Trees.


Day 341: Toulouse is snuggling in the bed blankets


Day 342: Some fungi growing on tree stumps at my work


Day 343: I didn’t notice until now how many times I took photos of these gifts. I just really like how they turned out. Sadly the light in the house wasn’t so great at capturing their sparkliness.


Day 344: A photo for my gift guide on vegan books.


Day 345: Oddly things are still blooming. I knew if I didn’t snap some photos I would regret it.


Day 346: No photo this day

Day 347: This is the first year Jon and I live in a house/space big enough for our own real tree. We went with his parents and Jon cut down the tree himself.


Day 348: Taking some photos of Rebel drinks, this one was awesome but not vegan. They have others that are, so I eventually went out to grab more.


Day 349: Some plants are still kicking it, so I figured I would take some snaps before they all die.


Day 350: Because December was so mild in weather- or extreme in warmth, there were still flower blooming!


Day 351: Another angle of the same flower, kicking it the next day.


Day 352: Took a photo of the cookies I baked to review Vegan Cookies Invade Your Jar.


Day 353: Finally there was a sunny day so I could let lots of light in to take a semi-decent photo of our fully decorated Christmas tree.


Day 354: Jon really likes bears. One year I made a instagram photo shoot of all the bears on our tree. Sometimes I can’t stop taking photos of them


Day 355: Another ornament.


Day 356: Got this cool nut cracker from my boss who was emptying out his attic. It belongs to his parents and he never put his Christmas stuff out, so I snagged them


Day 357: Photographed this weirdo retro santa mobile I got from my boss


Day 358: For Christmas Jon’s father built us a new bookshelf just for our cookbooks. Isn’t that sweet. We actually have extra space so we put our Christmas cards up there.


Day 359: Got my Petit Vour box for December and I took some photos for reviews. I only have the blush paper to try out


Day 360: No Photo for this day.

Day 361: My housing development is right next to a water treatment place? Not really sure what it is, but there are huge round towers and lots of barbed wire. It was a pretty gloomy rainy day so it seemed appropriate to get some emo barbed wire shots.


Day 362: I found some Nitro infused coffee at Whole Foods and will be writing a review about it soon


Day 363: More gloomy skies for gloomy shots.


Day 364: I made some Curry Ramen Hot Pots and took photos to post the recipe on the blog.


Day 365: No Photo for New Years Eve. Whomp whomp.

Sorry guys that I didn’t post anything this week. Just another 365. I was trying to get some posts written up, but I ended up being realistic and figured I wouldn’t have enough time for the blog with Thanksgiving week. Yes, week. My husband and I have been working our butts off cleaning the house, finishing up final unpacking, to make the place nice for my sister who stayed for a few days. Then I spent all Wednesday relax-cooking, then all Thursday cooking. It was a pretty successful Thanksgiving, but no photos! Sorry guys. But I think I know why I’ve been pretty much lacking in the photography department- I NEED to take any for the blog! This week I took a few and it was kind-of nice. Anyways, here are the photos:

Day 325: Kind of forgot to take a photo so I uploaded this one I took for Instagram. Toulouse keeps snuggling with me in the morning making it pretty much impossible to go out for a run. Since it happened on a Saturday I joked with my husband that he would have to go the CSA by himself.


Day 326: I really need to finish my book reviews for 2015 so I took some photos. I thought I was being cleaver with taking a photo of a cocktail with the cocktail books. If you are wondering it is 1.5oz mezcal, 1oz Saint Germain’s, and 2oz of homemade purple tomatillo shrub.


Day 327: Forgot a day. Whomp whomp!

Day 328: Another shot of the sky on my drive home. I couldn’t find a good spot to get a photo of the sun, which was bright red! It is funny how sometimes photos of the sky can be insanely easy, and other times super hard to capture the colors.


Day 329: I have a new series of posts coming up on vegan Christmas gifts- stocking stuffers, things that look like animals, books, and possibly kids. I broke out my stocking holders for photos for the post.


Day 330: My Mother in Law brought over a bouquet for our Thanksgiving centerpiece.


Day 331: Look! Our house looks like a house! It is crazy! We have been so blessed to get that table from Jon’s Grandfather and that cabinet from the ReStore for only $30!! I think those prints on the wall are more, heck the framing would be a lot more if I didn’t get it for mostly free from my job.


Day 311: I took a few quick snaps at the farm of these flowers or were flowers

110715-o-1 110715-o-2

Day 312: Forgot to take a photo. Whomp whomp!

Day 313: There are some crab apples in my neighbors lawn.


Day 314: Toulouse waits for some food.


Day 315: Found a prettier crab apple to photograph, it almost looks like a cherry!


Day 316: Toulouse only let’s me photograph her when she is sleeping or eating. I think she doesn’t like the sound of the shutter in the camera.


Day 317: I was actually sick this day and made myself some hot pot soup. I was thinking about taking photos for a recipe for the blog, but I forgot to get a “cooked” photo.


Day 318: I did not get any photos today. Whomp whomp.

Day 319: Toulouse looked so cute on this retro blanket.


Day 320: Forgot to take a photo on Monday, I was actually running errands all day, trying to help tidy up my house to look more “home” like.

Day 321: I got home and the sky looked pretty amazing, so I snapped a quick shot.


Day 322: I walked downstairs and saw this funny visual of our cat pillow creepily looking over the couch. I had to take a quick photo.


Day 323: I’ve been really slipping with this photo a day prompt towards the end of the year. I haven’t been getting around as much as the beginning of the year when I use to walk to work, then I drove past more interesting things that I could stop and take a photo. I now drive past strip malls, malls, and industrial complexes. BORING! Oh and everything is dying at work.

Day 324: I left work during rush hour and drove past this one abandoned diner I’ve meaning to snap some photos of, but thought “oh it is too dark” then I as I drove by and notice in my rear view mirror it was actually really beautiful on the otherside where the sun was setting, and I could of gotten a really cool shot of the sunset with the run down sign, but I missed my chance. So I got home, took a photo with my iPhone of my drink. Better luck next time.


Day 304: I “dressed up” as a witch for halloween. Pretty much I took a dress from the closet and put on a $3 witch hat. I made a bunch of kids pretty happy to see someone dressed up on the other side of the door.
103115-o-1 103115-o-2

Day 305: I am not sure what went wrong with this photo. I took a photo of the bush in front of our house because I loved the red leaves, and it just looks grainy and like an old camera photo!


Day 306: On Monday I made a pumpkin cheesecakes. The recipe was actually kind-of a bust, but I took a photo of the almond nut mix on top before it got put in the oven.


Day 307: I’ve taken a photo of this plant before. It is one in the garden at my work. The weather has been crazy, reaching frost, then getting back up to 70 degrees! So I guess the plant started to grow again, creating some bright green tips!


Day 308: Another plant from work that previously photographed. It has developed some pink on the edge of the leaves.


Day 309: I’m really loving being able to see how other plants handle to cooler weather. We always think about how everything simply dies, and the leaves on the trees change colors. Clearly things are more complicated. I forget what type of plant this is, but I think it was some sort of bush.


Day 310: I am in love with these flower shots! I definitely started the week with some mediocre photos, but ended with a big bang!


110615-o-1 110615-o-2

Day 290: A quick photo of downtown Frederick before we headed home.


Day 291: The trees are starting to turn colors, and I love this stage when certain species change colors while others don’t


Day 292-294: I got sick so no photos for three days. T_T

Day 295: Snapped a quick photo of a small tree at work. 


Day 296: I had to take a photo of this lone flower. Everything was shaded by tree leaves, and this flower happened to be sitting in a pocket of sunlight.


Day 297: Piggie at the farm.


Day 298: I finally started to feel better so I took some photos of some cocktails for the blog.


Day 299: I got this quick snap on my way home from work.


Day 300: Lime and absinthe.


Day 301: The last few days at work have been pretty busy so I ended up leaving during rush hour. I took up a new hobby- traffic photography! When the car was completely stopped I snapped a few photos. It gave me a chance to capture the halloween decorations.


Day 302: I love this boarded up pink house. 


Day 303: Another traffic shot, does this person know they kind of a penis and balls thing going on with their bushes and chimney?


Day 276: The squirrels are going nuts over here… no pun intended. So I keep finding this groups of acorn tops near our house.


Day 277: Since the squirrels are all over the place, Toulouse has been pretty much glued to the window. I had to put something outside and she tried sticking her head out for a closer look.


Day 278: Got my halloween decorations up.


Day 279: I find these blinds kind-of interesting


Day 280: Getting a new shot of my air plants, sadly I am a horrible owner and they are pretty much dying. I guess I should order new ones and try again. XD


Day 281: Our cat has been pretty consistently doing this, sneaking behind the blinds to look at the squirrels on our little patio area.


Day 282: I’ve been really into espresso lately, and making pumpkin spice lattes using Almond Dream Pumpkin Spice milk.


Day 283: This apple was on the ground at the orchard and it just looked too pretty… but it wasn’t so pretty on the other side.


Day 284: This was less photography practice and more documentation of this really cool looking fungi. I wish I knew how to find out.


Day 285: New shot of my owl clock, in the new place.


Day 286: Okay, I’m cheating, this is a photo I posted on Instagram. This week has been crazy! But I think Toulouse is such a sweetheart! And I find it even funnier that Jon keeps leaving his sweatshirt for her to sleep on.


Day 287: I know, phone photo! Sorry! This was a weird avocado pit from a florida avocado. It was starting to sprout! It looks very much like a weird Cronenberg beast.


Day 288: We down to Maryland and got to our Air BnB.


Day 289: We went to our friends wedding and some of the kids that were there were pretty stinking cute.


Due to Vegan MOFO, I didn’t post the last week’s 365 photos. It happens. I hope everyone enjoyed the post marathon that is Vegan MOFO. It is nice going back to the old schedule. So here we are, the remaining photos. I am trying hard to get back into the habit of “taking” photos since Vegan MOFO gave a specific list of things to photograph for the prompts. Now it is nice to explore other types of subjects.

Day 262: I’ve been pretty bad and purposely not bringing my camera to the farm. As we were driving up I knew I made a mistake. There was beautiful fog. I managed to get this cool shot though.


Day 263: I made my recipe of apple dumplings for Vegan MOFO’s prompt of recreate a family recipes.


Day 264: Next day I roasted some miso-harissa acorn squash for some tacos. Recipe on the blog for Vegan MOFO, make a dinner with all seasonal produce- heck even the harissa was made with seasonal food!


Day 265: Nights are getting darker, and taking good photos of dinner food is starting to get troublesome. But I made a vegan Japanese style curry anyways as the prompt for Vegan MOFOs What would ____ eat? I chose YUKI from Judy and Mary.


Day 266: Toulouse is eats her food. I photographed her shadow on the wood floor


Day 267: Some shots of wood coming off on an abandoned building.


Day 268: I got a random call from my Father in Law about going to see a concert in New York City. The band was pretty good, but we also got to eat at Beyond Sushi. It was amazing! Pictured below is the carrot and shiitake mushroom, mushroom roll, and a green roll. More details will be posted in a review later.


Day 269: The cat gazes out the window


Day 270: I used up my spaghetti squash in a soup. It was nice to get rid of it! XD Recipe posted for Vegan MOFO. Okay, I think the last photo of a Vegan MOFO recipe!


Day 271: I got my halloween decorations. I personally love animal skeletons, but they aren’t really vegan? I mean there are lots of interesting ethics going on, which I would love to make a post about in the future. But for now, these cute, kitchy, and totally not accurate cat and rat skeletons from Target will have to do.


Day 272: Basically my work day was canceled and I got antsy. So I got in my car and drove to the old abandoned theater for a photo of the old lights. I couldn’t really go inside because 1) It is a pretty busy street and 2) I know there are lots of efforts to try and open it up again, so I didn’t want to break any glass or doors.


Day 273: Took a photo of some of the succulents growing at work.


Day 274: Another flower at work, not many days left of flowers since it is getting cold out.


Day 275: Nothing but rain the last few days. 


Day 255: Every week I cut and prep my husband’s veggies for the week. It isn’t that I don’t think he gets enough fiber or veggies in his diet, he just simply likes to snack on raw carrot and celery. In fact, I remember getting excited that Jon liked eating celery when we first started dating. I would also buy it and it would go bad since I only liked eating it cooked. I do it usually on Sunday night and get it out of the way. That way it is easy to grab them in the morning and usually takes about 10 minutes total.


Day 256: Some days I just love boxed orange pasta! I made myself Earth Balance’s vegan mac and cheese. I can’t decide which one is my favorite, but I would have to say Earth Balance and So Delicious, especially the Pizza! I am super excited about the Annie’s vegan pasta that will be coming out. I still have a special place in my heart for the classic Mac and Chreese, but truthfully, they don’t taste like mac and cheese, but I sure do love them. Sadly most stores don’t sell the normal pasta, just the gluten-free.


Day 257: Alexa came to visit and we drove an hour to Wildflower, an all vegan restaurant. Their food is super simple and very veggie heavy. Some foods were better than others. Like we got the vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream, which was good, but you could tell they blended up the mint leaves in the ice cream base. I think a steep would leave a nicer texture. But we got a tofu basil wrap, and Alexa got a seitan wrap. 


Day 258: I brought leftover beet and carrot soup into work. I use to eat soup all the time, but I find it is a little hard to eat and not get the place messy. So I kind-of stopped doing it, but occasionally it makes sense to bring it in. 


Day 259: This is when I realized photographing my lunches is dangerous. I just get so dang hungry! I kept opting for my camera phone over my SLR. I didn’t want to seem weird to my fairly older bosses, and I just wanted to dig in faster. XD Below is a sandwich with hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, vegan mayo, and some field roast mushroom deli slices. They are great for sandwiches on the go!


Day 260: Another quick photo day. I never photograph the fruit I eat, so I finally included them. I ate a peach and a plum. In the back is a burrito with white rice, and some leftover curry. What kind? I am not sure of right now. I am thinking a Japanese style curry which is close to a stew.


Day 261: I felt boring if I photographed another burrito, so I made a smiley face with my peach and plum. The wrap? It was leftover chili, rice, and lettuce. It was pretty tasty, and eaten cold.


Day 248: I forgot to take a photo of anything today. T_T

Day 249: My husband really loves eating cookies for lunch, so Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar get used often. The most popular recipe are the banana everything cookies since they are really quick and easy to modify.


Day 250: I really love But I Could Never Go Vegan, as I mentioned on my book review on the blog. I think it is my go to for omni gatherings. I made some potato, green beans, and caramelized shallots salad. It was a big hit, and my in-laws wanted to keep some for their lunches the next day.


Day 251: I used Angela’s recipe for chia seed jam from her Oh She Glows cookbook. I subbed berries for some purple tomatillos, and I don’t think it works as well as berries. Oh well. Jon still liked his purple tomatillo and peanut butter sandwiches. I use her cookbook and website so often, and my husband whips it out when he makes his own smoothie. He really likes the gym rat smoothie! I mentioned in a book review that I loved the book, and I even bought it for my in-laws for Christmas!


Day 252: This isn’t a vegan cookbook, but a vegetarian one. My mother had this book for years and gave it to me when I said I was going full vegan again. The book is full of great ideas, and has some staples in our diet like a spinach and red lentil penne and beet and carrot soup. I like recommending Vegetarian Planet because it is written by a non-vegan/vegetarian, so I think she doesn’t try to mimic things as much as vegan cooks do.


Day 253: I think Veganmonicon isn’t my favorite cookbook, but an embodiment for loving Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero‘s cookbooks. I love how they don’t fuss over calories, nutrition, whatever and focus on just making delicious foods. I first checked out Veganomicon from the libary, and made a few dishes, and knew I had to eventually buy they book for myself. The recipe that I made? The BBQ collard greens! I don’t like to wrap them in the greens, but instead serve them like sloppy joes. I had a can of chickpeas opened so I used chickpeas instead of black eyed peas, which wasn’t a great call. XD


Day 254: This isn’t so much a favorite cookbook exactly, but I learned from my family that a great way to save recipes is to use a binder. It is great because if you have a recipe from a magazine, just rip it out, find something online, print it out! Much easier than rewriting everything on a recipe card. Plus the sleeves make an easy clean up. I recently shuffled the old recipes, and cleaned it out. It is also great because I check out cookbooks from the library and photo copy or handwrite my favorite recipes from them.


Day 241: I couldn’t pick just one photo from the farm. A bright sunflower and a dew on some silk.

082915-o-1 082915-o-2

Day 242: Close up of the ricotta filling from my calzones!


Day 243: Because of Vegan MOFO, I decided I didn’t want to have to post a month’s worth of photos in October, and I figured I would try and take photos within the prompt of the day which is “Best sandwich ever.” So tried to photograph as many sandwiches as I could for the week. Monday I got a salad pita sandwich from Health Haven. I was surprised how busy they were, plus they have vegan cheese!


Day 244: Brought in some leftover sloppy joe filling for lunch at work.


Day 245: Some PB&J for my husband’s lunch… sort of. He likes a peanut butter sandwich and a jelly sandwich, apparently together is bad….


Day 246: Grilled Daiya cheese and bean sandwich. Sadly I got impatient and ate it before the cheese melted. Oh well.


Day 247: I was distracted and didn’t photograph my sandwich, which was Field Roast Wild Mushroom Deli Slices with green leaf lettuce, and fresh tomatoes from my CSA. It is amazing! But featured in the photo is the post for tomorrow!