Hey guys, I’ve sort of fallen behind in December with posting my daily photos. So here are the rest of the photos of 2015. I decided to not do a photo a day for 2016, but I am hoping to start it up again in 2017. I need a little break, that’s all. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed this little challenge.

Day 332: Jon loves his little Giant gingerbread man. Too bad the Giants aren’t doing so hot this year, not that Jets were any better.


Day 333: I was feeling the holiday decorations and took some photos of my festivity deers.


Day 334: Snapping some of the sparkles on my railings.


Day 335: Someone’s cat was walking around and I tried busting out my telephoto lens. This little cutie had some crossed eyes.


Day 336: Tried taking some photos of some Canadian geese that were resting in the little man make ponds in my development. They apprently didn’t like my presence and flew away.


Day 337: Still taking some photos of the plant life.


Day 338: Target had the most sparkly wrapping paper. I thought my nieces would love it- apparently not. On Christmas day they declared it TOO sparkly. Oh well.


Day 339: Jon went to Wordcamp (a convention for WordPress) for work, and got an extra ticket from one of his co-workers. So I was able to go on Saturday. We sat through a few lectures, then went to HipCityVeg, then to the art museum. The museum had their Christmas decorations up, and a chorus singing throughout the museum. It was pretty amazing.


120515-o-1 120515-o-2

Day 340: Pine Trees.


Day 341: Toulouse is snuggling in the bed blankets


Day 342: Some fungi growing on tree stumps at my work


Day 343: I didn’t notice until now how many times I took photos of these gifts. I just really like how they turned out. Sadly the light in the house wasn’t so great at capturing their sparkliness.


Day 344: A photo for my gift guide on vegan books.


Day 345: Oddly things are still blooming. I knew if I didn’t snap some photos I would regret it.


Day 346: No photo this day

Day 347: This is the first year Jon and I live in a house/space big enough for our own real tree. We went with his parents and Jon cut down the tree himself.


Day 348: Taking some photos of Rebel drinks, this one was awesome but not vegan. They have others that are, so I eventually went out to grab more.


Day 349: Some plants are still kicking it, so I figured I would take some snaps before they all die.


Day 350: Because December was so mild in weather- or extreme in warmth, there were still flower blooming!


Day 351: Another angle of the same flower, kicking it the next day.


Day 352: Took a photo of the cookies I baked to review Vegan Cookies Invade Your Jar.


Day 353: Finally there was a sunny day so I could let lots of light in to take a semi-decent photo of our fully decorated Christmas tree.


Day 354: Jon really likes bears. One year I made a instagram photo shoot of all the bears on our tree. Sometimes I can’t stop taking photos of them


Day 355: Another ornament.


Day 356: Got this cool nut cracker from my boss who was emptying out his attic. It belongs to his parents and he never put his Christmas stuff out, so I snagged them


Day 357: Photographed this weirdo retro santa mobile I got from my boss


Day 358: For Christmas Jon’s father built us a new bookshelf just for our cookbooks. Isn’t that sweet. We actually have extra space so we put our Christmas cards up there.


Day 359: Got my Petit Vour box for December and I took some photos for reviews. I only have the blush paper to try out


Day 360: No Photo for this day.

Day 361: My housing development is right next to a water treatment place? Not really sure what it is, but there are huge round towers and lots of barbed wire. It was a pretty gloomy rainy day so it seemed appropriate to get some emo barbed wire shots.


Day 362: I found some Nitro infused coffee at Whole Foods and will be writing a review about it soon


Day 363: More gloomy skies for gloomy shots.


Day 364: I made some Curry Ramen Hot Pots and took photos to post the recipe on the blog.


Day 365: No Photo for New Years Eve. Whomp whomp.