We LOVE food. I mean major bonding happens around food for us. It wasn’t always the healthiest food though…during high school, we made more Taco Bell runs than juicing runs. But once we got through college, our pallets matured. We are more likely to frequent Korean or a vegan restaurant now (but we still love tacos). 

We also love animals. Jennifer has always been obsessed with animals and preserving the environment. Alexa has been surrounded by animals all her life, owning horses, cats, dogs, and guinea pigs. We both feel strongly about how animals are treated, and how they live.

So this blog is all about both. We are excited to spread the word about a happier earth with happier animals. We want to educate you on how to make your everyday life more animal friendly. A lot of this is in our food. Your health is your food, and you don’t need to eat meat to be healthy. But even though you have or want to limit your food choices it doesn’t it can’t be delicious and boring. We are going to show that you have an unlimited amount of options.

Oh yeah, we both really like clothing and cute things too. Just wanted to point that out.

Jennifer Remsa

photojen-webGrowing up Jennifer has always been involved with “health” foods. Her Mother wasn’t necessarily a pioneer for eating healthy, but had many allergies to preservatives. That meant that she was use to a wide range of foods, including falafels and carob soy milk. Even though her Mother was working full time, dinner was homemade every night. This is something Jennifer believes in today, food should be made fresh.

Once she got to college, ethics started to work into her foods. During college she adopted a vegan diet, and walked everywhere. The healthier she ate, and the more she walked, it became apparent that Jennifer wasn’t so healthy in high school. Working out started to become fun, and junk foods became less appetizing. Jen believes that everyone should be more in tune with their foods. They should know where it comes from and what’s in it. 

She is currently married to Jon, another food enthusiast. They both live in South Jersey, in the Philadelphia area with their cat Toulouse. She has been featured on A Practical Wedding, which you should check out because it was a kickass wedding.

Alexa James

photoalexa-webAlexa is a mysterious youth (seriously how old is she, anyway!?) who is a freelance cartoonist and manager at a toy store. Yup, she is living the dream of every 8 year old. She is obsessed with cats, horses, wrestling, j/kpop, cats, animals, Stephen Colbert, cute clothes, and cats. Oh did I mention how much she loves cats? Especially her cat Miso. She is the best.

Alexa works mostly on the drawings on the site but likes to blog whenever a sister gets a chance. If you LOVE her drawings, you should check out her Etsy and Red Bubble. She has published comics and illustrations for DealNews, and works with independent writers on children’s book illustrations. 

Our Diets

Jennifer I am a pescitarian, and I cut out dairy from my diet (unless eating when someone else is hosting). My decisions are a mix of health, ethical, and sustainable reasons. I don’t necessarily think that eating meat itself is terrible. At a very young age I was very aware that lions ate zebras, cats ate mice, that’s natural. What isn’t natural is cramming animals in small pens in their feces unable to move. Because of this same reason I try to only eat eggs from local farmers. Happy chickens mean delicious eggs. My husband does still eat meat, but rarely. Because of this, I occasionally will incorporate meals that are easy to have a meat and vegetarian version.

When I eat fish, it is usually when eating out, very rarely do I cook it at home. And I make very conscious decisions to only eat sustainable fish. The reason? I don’t like ingesting milk. When I cut the cord on dairy it was a rude awakening how much it affects my body. When eating out or with friends the vegetarian option tends to have cheese or cream. I’d rather opt for the fish. Of course I think it is fine for the body and the environment to eat certain sea creatures in limited quantities too.

Alexa I am a “flexitarian”, which simply means that I am trying to add more vegetarian meals and recipes to my routine while lessening my meat intake. I have always loved animals, but it would not have been easy to be a vegetarian in my house while growing up. Not because my parents were against it, but only because they would all go out of their way to make dinner for themselves and 2-4 other kids each night. I wasn’t going to try and stress them out any more after they’d all had long days at work (and I wasn’t very opposed to eating meat at the time). Beef is completely off my menu, which I had given up when I was in 8th grade. The only meats that I occasionally eat anymore are chicken or turkey.

 I am not as good as Jennifer is about planning all of my meals, I don’t have the *ability (*stamina) to cook every night, but I do what I can with what I get at the grocery store each week. I feel as though I am slowly but surely making my way to cooking and prepping my meals from home more often. It’s very exciting! I also eat green tea lattes and cupcakes everyday (Disclaimer: that sentence was written by Jenny because she thinks she is a sly fox).