Day 311: I took a few quick snaps at the farm of these flowers or were flowers

110715-o-1 110715-o-2

Day 312: Forgot to take a photo. Whomp whomp!

Day 313: There are some crab apples in my neighbors lawn.


Day 314: Toulouse waits for some food.


Day 315: Found a prettier crab apple to photograph, it almost looks like a cherry!


Day 316: Toulouse only let’s me photograph her when she is sleeping or eating. I think she doesn’t like the sound of the shutter in the camera.


Day 317: I was actually sick this day and made myself some hot pot soup. I was thinking about taking photos for a recipe for the blog, but I forgot to get a “cooked” photo.


Day 318: I did not get any photos today. Whomp whomp.

Day 319: Toulouse looked so cute on this retro blanket.


Day 320: Forgot to take a photo on Monday, I was actually running errands all day, trying to help tidy up my house to look more “home” like.

Day 321: I got home and the sky looked pretty amazing, so I snapped a quick shot.


Day 322: I walked downstairs and saw this funny visual of our cat pillow creepily looking over the couch. I had to take a quick photo.


Day 323: I’ve been really slipping with this photo a day prompt towards the end of the year. I haven’t been getting around as much as the beginning of the year when I use to walk to work, then I drove past more interesting things that I could stop and take a photo. I now drive past strip malls, malls, and industrial complexes. BORING! Oh and everything is dying at work.

Day 324: I left work during rush hour and drove past this one abandoned diner I’ve meaning to snap some photos of, but thought “oh it is too dark” then I as I drove by and notice in my rear view mirror it was actually really beautiful on the otherside where the sun was setting, and I could of gotten a really cool shot of the sunset with the run down sign, but I missed my chance. So I got home, took a photo with my iPhone of my drink. Better luck next time.