Sorry guys that I didn’t post anything this week. Just another 365. I was trying to get some posts written up, but I ended up being realistic and figured I wouldn’t have enough time for the blog with Thanksgiving week. Yes, week. My husband and I have been working our butts off cleaning the house, finishing up final unpacking, to make the place nice for my sister who stayed for a few days. Then I spent all Wednesday relax-cooking, then all Thursday cooking. It was a pretty successful Thanksgiving, but no photos! Sorry guys. But I think I know why I’ve been pretty much lacking in the photography department- I NEED to take any for the blog! This week I took a few and it was kind-of nice. Anyways, here are the photos:

Day 325: Kind of forgot to take a photo so I uploaded this one I took for Instagram. Toulouse keeps snuggling with me in the morning making it pretty much impossible to go out for a run. Since it happened on a Saturday I joked with my husband that he would have to go the CSA by himself.


Day 326: I really need to finish my book reviews for 2015 so I took some photos. I thought I was being cleaver with taking a photo of a cocktail with the cocktail books. If you are wondering it is 1.5oz mezcal, 1oz Saint Germain’s, and 2oz of homemade purple tomatillo shrub.


Day 327: Forgot a day. Whomp whomp!

Day 328: Another shot of the sky on my drive home. I couldn’t find a good spot to get a photo of the sun, which was bright red! It is funny how sometimes photos of the sky can be insanely easy, and other times super hard to capture the colors.


Day 329: I have a new series of posts coming up on vegan Christmas gifts- stocking stuffers, things that look like animals, books, and possibly kids. I broke out my stocking holders for photos for the post.


Day 330: My Mother in Law brought over a bouquet for our Thanksgiving centerpiece.


Day 331: Look! Our house looks like a house! It is crazy! We have been so blessed to get that table from Jon’s Grandfather and that cabinet from the ReStore for only $30!! I think those prints on the wall are more, heck the framing would be a lot more if I didn’t get it for mostly free from my job.