Day 241: I couldn’t pick just one photo from the farm. A bright sunflower and a dew on some silk.

082915-o-1 082915-o-2

Day 242: Close up of the ricotta filling from my calzones!


Day 243: Because of Vegan MOFO, I decided I didn’t want to have to post a month’s worth of photos in October, and I figured I would try and take photos within the prompt of the day which is “Best sandwich ever.” So tried to photograph as many sandwiches as I could for the week. Monday I got a salad pita sandwich from Health Haven. I was surprised how busy they were, plus they have vegan cheese!


Day 244: Brought in some leftover sloppy joe filling for lunch at work.


Day 245: Some PB&J for my husband’s lunch… sort of. He likes a peanut butter sandwich and a jelly sandwich, apparently together is bad….


Day 246: Grilled Daiya cheese and bean sandwich. Sadly I got impatient and ate it before the cheese melted. Oh well.


Day 247: I was distracted and didn’t photograph my sandwich, which was Field Roast Wild Mushroom Deli Slices with green leaf lettuce, and fresh tomatoes from my CSA. It is amazing! But featured in the photo is the post for tomorrow!