Day 276: The squirrels are going nuts over here… no pun intended. So I keep finding this groups of acorn tops near our house.


Day 277: Since the squirrels are all over the place, Toulouse has been pretty much glued to the window. I had to put something outside and she tried sticking her head out for a closer look.


Day 278: Got my halloween decorations up.


Day 279: I find these blinds kind-of interesting


Day 280: Getting a new shot of my air plants, sadly I am a horrible owner and they are pretty much dying. I guess I should order new ones and try again. XD


Day 281: Our cat has been pretty consistently doing this, sneaking behind the blinds to look at the squirrels on our little patio area.


Day 282: I’ve been really into espresso lately, and making pumpkin spice lattes using Almond Dream Pumpkin Spice milk.


Day 283: This apple was on the ground at the orchard and it just looked too pretty… but it wasn’t so pretty on the other side.


Day 284: This was less photography practice and more documentation of this really cool looking fungi. I wish I knew how to find out.


Day 285: New shot of my owl clock, in the new place.


Day 286: Okay, I’m cheating, this is a photo I posted on Instagram. This week has been crazy! But I think Toulouse is such a sweetheart! And I find it even funnier that Jon keeps leaving his sweatshirt for her to sleep on.


Day 287: I know, phone photo! Sorry! This was a weird avocado pit from a florida avocado. It was starting to sprout! It looks very much like a weird Cronenberg beast.


Day 288: We down to Maryland and got to our Air BnB.


Day 289: We went to our friends wedding and some of the kids that were there were pretty stinking cute.