Day 290: A quick photo of downtown Frederick before we headed home.


Day 291: The trees are starting to turn colors, and I love this stage when certain species change colors while others don’t


Day 292-294: I got sick so no photos for three days. T_T

Day 295: Snapped a quick photo of a small tree at work. 


Day 296: I had to take a photo of this lone flower. Everything was shaded by tree leaves, and this flower happened to be sitting in a pocket of sunlight.


Day 297: Piggie at the farm.


Day 298: I finally started to feel better so I took some photos of some cocktails for the blog.


Day 299: I got this quick snap on my way home from work.


Day 300: Lime and absinthe.


Day 301: The last few days at work have been pretty busy so I ended up leaving during rush hour. I took up a new hobby- traffic photography! When the car was completely stopped I snapped a few photos. It gave me a chance to capture the halloween decorations.


Day 302: I love this boarded up pink house. 


Day 303: Another traffic shot, does this person know they kind of a penis and balls thing going on with their bushes and chimney?