Day 304: I “dressed up” as a witch for halloween. Pretty much I took a dress from the closet and put on a $3 witch hat. I made a bunch of kids pretty happy to see someone dressed up on the other side of the door.
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Day 305: I am not sure what went wrong with this photo. I took a photo of the bush in front of our house because I loved the red leaves, and it just looks grainy and like an old camera photo!


Day 306: On Monday I made a pumpkin cheesecakes. The recipe was actually kind-of a bust, but I took a photo of the almond nut mix on top before it got put in the oven.


Day 307: I’ve taken a photo of this plant before. It is one in the garden at my work. The weather has been crazy, reaching frost, then getting back up to 70 degrees! So I guess the plant started to grow again, creating some bright green tips!


Day 308: Another plant from work that previously photographed. It has developed some pink on the edge of the leaves.


Day 309: I’m really loving being able to see how other plants handle to cooler weather. We always think about how everything simply dies, and the leaves on the trees change colors. Clearly things are more complicated. I forget what type of plant this is, but I think it was some sort of bush.


Day 310: I am in love with these flower shots! I definitely started the week with some mediocre photos, but ended with a big bang!


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