Vegan MOFO 2019: Week Two Haul also so tired… and falling behind… coffee plz

Oh boy. I am pooped. It has been a crazy past few days, and 95% of it toddler centered lol. I am not much of a mood to get into specifics, other than it has been effecting my time available for blogging. Mostly I am rushing a sewing job for a birthday gift, so the past two days my free time has been centered around tracing patterns and cutting out fabric. I am REEEAAALLY hoping the sewing part will go fast. *crosses fingers*

What’s Leftover

New Produce

I took way more okra than I intended. Oops. I wanted to try baking them in a recipe from Superiority Burger, but I have way more than needed… I think. I also took a bunch of peppers to make a fermented hot sauce and just pickle some jalapeños because it is handy for the winter. I purposely saved my green beans for a dish to make this week, so I am pretty excited to make that.

So here is the run down update of what I ate the past few days. It was too crazy so no photos, and I will try and post today’s food for tomorrow


I had work so I took the leftover soup and tossed it into a high protein bean noodle with some cherry tomatoes. I forgot to take a photo, nor was it particularly pretty anyways. Then for dinner we took the leftover peanut stew and tried baking it into a casserole with some rice, added tomato paste, cherry tomatoes, and some tempeh lightly grilled and spiced with a 5-Spice Blend. It really didn’t help that much. I did finish that cucumber sorbet and it was AMAZING! I ran out of a full fat coconut milk, so I used reduced fat and added an avocado. It helped improve flavor SOOOO much.


Saturday was a pretty over the top day, so we weren’t in the kitchen much. I had another okra cheese quesadilla, and dinner we used one of the new big tomatoes for a frozen burger. Jon ate a salad with his burgers. The plan was to eat some leftover green bean salad but that didn’t really happen. Yikes.

Has anyone else heard of ‘Italia Peppers’? Is this sort of a Jersey Italian thing?

Vegan MOFO 2019: More Beets

Last night Wolfie saw me chopping up the beet and got very excited, and thought he was getting some. I felt bad when I told him he couldn’t have any, but told him that he could eat some in his smoothie the next morning, he was pretty excited. So that’s just what I did. I chopped up half a beet into the smoothie he shares with Jon. Then I tossed some into my smoothie. I didn’t take a photo because mornings are chaotic, but it was a chocolate-beet-strawberry smoothie. Tasty stuff.

Jon continued to have his pickled peas, salsa verde sides for lunch, but no leftover wrap. Yesterday I had a stroke of genius of making a quesadilla with the leftover okra dish and some vegan cheese. So this afternoon I tried it out and it was really delicious, although overstuffed. I will probably be finishing up the last bit of the leftovers this way this weekend.

It is also worth noting, there is no ice cream. I know! I am a shameful person! But I went into the freezer to start it up, and saw I never put the ice cream maker in the freezer. I could scream! So I guess it will get churned tomorrow. If it is any good I will try and post a recipe.

Today was a pretty hard parenting day, so I really had to push myself to make this soup tonight. It is pretty simple really though. Just one pound carrots, one pound golden beets, 1 onion sautéed, 1 tbsp red curry paste, boiled in 4 cups stock and blended with 1 cup almond milk. The original recipe roasted the roots, and used coconut milk but it was too hot and I accidentally used all my coconut milk to ice creams (so too hot.) It was tasty, and simple to make, but peeling so many tiny carrots was a pain. *cries* I served it with some of a half baked loaves of bread from Aldi, which is cheap but really nice. I super recommend getting them since it takes less than 10 minutes to bake, and the crust is always super perfect.

And if anyone follows me on Instagram you might of remember seeing one of my stories about a cute Hello Kitty soy sauce container. Well I got it, justifying it as the “fancy serving soy sauce.” And finally it had it’s day in the sun. The recipe didn’t call for salt, so I forgot to put it in. I used homemade stock, and I never salt it like commercial stocks and broths. So we just added soy sauce to make it saltier.

And now I am super pooped and will be saying good bye without spell checking or ending question lol

Vegan MOFO 2019: Pretty in Pink Pasta

Anyone want to adopt my kid? Because I really would like some sleep. lol Last night Wolfie was terrified of the fireman demonstration at the library where they dressed up in their full gear, including the respirator. Apparently giving him nightmares so bad I refused to go back to sleep. So we got him a night light so cross your fingers tonight.

Today for lunch I had a bagel with tofutti but Jon had some leftovers. He had that salsa verde, pickles, and a wrap made with rice, beans, halved cherry tomatoes, and the leftover stew from last night. I love adding cherry tomatoes to burritos because they cook up a little when microwaving the wrap. It really will help with the flavor of the wrap. 

I was sitting around thinking about the kohlrabi I had in the fridge, and I decided I would try and make a pickle to use on a bahni mi sandwich. Sadly it went bad which I am honestly not surprised about that. But I did manage to make the basil cucumber sorbet I wanted to make. I need it to chill overnight and I will pop it in the ice cream maker tomorrow afternoon so it can set for the evening. Yummy.

For dinner I made a beet alfredo. It was good, though I am not sure how much the beet actually brought to the table. It feels a little bit more like a fun way to get kids to eat pasta. It felt a little lacking, so I tossed in a teaspoon of miso, and I used leeks instead of onions. It only uses one beet, so it doesn’t bring that much nutrition to the table. That is kind-of the problem with beets, a little goes a long way. Our CSA is having a strong beet crop this year, so that is a little tough since the other crops are hurting. I am starting to think about maybe doing a beetroot jam, or maybe a strawberry beet sorbet. 

Last week I made a cucumber green bean salad tossed in a miso dressing. It was pretty tasty, though I cooked the green beans instead of just “smashing” them. It makes a lot, so we have been eating it from time to time as a side dish. 

Well for anyone who is keeping track at home here is the total list. I know for a fact we won’t be using the green beans, as I am saving them for next week. There were hardly enough to really use. 

2 garlic scapes
1/2 cucumber
2 green bell peppers
1 kohlrabi R.I.P
1 small head of cabbage
2 lb 4 oz okra
4 lb 3 oz beets (half golden, half red)
1 lb 4 oz carrots
1 bunch of scallions
1 pint blackberries
1/2 pint ground cherries
1 quart sun gold tomatoes
1 lb 5oz tomatillos
3 1/2 oz green beans (1 pint)
12 oz mixed stir-fry greens (1/3 a bag)
3 small leeks
3 slicing tomatoes
4 small salt & pepper cucumbers
1 small striped eggplant (10oz)
4 hot peppers
3 cipollini onions

How do you like using beets? Any recipe recommendations?

Vegan MOFO 2019: Leftovers and more Okra

Yesterday was crazy, and exhausting. I just couldn’t wake up in the morning, and was so tired I was nauseas, so my lunch was cherry ice cream. Eep. Then Wolfie wouldn’t go down for a nap, so I figured might as well take a nap with him. 3 HOURS LATER I woke up! Wolfie stayed down for another 20 min. It was not expected at all. I had to dash out the door to get a vegan pizza slice and a cupcake because we were off to a birthday party. So by the time I got home I didn’t have the brain power to think. We just had some jarred tomato sauce, spaghetti and frozen “meatballs” from Aldi’s. I didn’t even think about blogging since I didn’t eat any food from the CSA, though looking back I could of made a fun post of CSA must have products. I guess next time right?

ANYWAYS…… what did I eat? Well I did take a LIIIIIITTLE bit of leftover stew from last week and made a burrito wrap with white rice and soy chorizo from Trader Joe’s it was much tastier than I was expecting. I do have to say you guys will most likely see tons and tons of wraps on the blog, because it is the main way I reuse leftovers. And if I can’t use the leftovers fast enough, they get wrapped up and frozen.

Naturally a great way to use up produce is pickling. That way it can stay in the fridge for awhile until you are ready to use them. I always pickle hot peppers from the CSA. It is pretty quick and easy, and is great because I hate buying ONE jalapeño at the super market for fifty cents. These pickled snap peas are being tucked into Jon’s lunch tomorrow. Our CSA had such a great year for peas BECAUSE of all the rain, so much that I think they have a pick what you can on the board. So I might of went a little nuts.

Next to the peas is salsa verde I made last week. I try not to make it since it involves roasting tomatillos, but I just couldn’t help myself this year. It was really rewarding to use poblano peppers from the farm as well. I haven’t decided but I am sure I will be making a wrap for Jon tomorrow as well.

The big dinner was an African peanut stew with eggplant, okra, tomatoes, and the stir-fry greens. The dish is from Chad and is called Daraba. I used this recipe and I wasn’t too impressed. The recipe was super simple, but I think that was it’s downfall. I think there were a few steps I could of added that would of given a lot more flavor. And I would of liked to add more spices to it as well. But it used up a lot of vegetables so that was at least good.

I’ve been itching to bake but it hasn’t happened yet. I am a little nervous, but I guess soon I should bite the bullet. Though I am not sure if I will be baking with any of the produce. So we will see what tomorrow brings.

Vegan MOFO 2019: Okra and Sweets

Jon and I were lucky and had a child free morning. Jon’s Mother saw we were very grouchy yesterday morning, and pretty much talked about how Wolfie has been waking up at least once every night since May. It isn’t a big deal, usually he comes in our room, I then follow him back to his room, and he lays down. Sometimes they are bad dreams, and one night recently he slept in our bed because he was so scared. But it was mostly nice to wake up and not scramble to get food in a cranky toddler. 

Because of this I made myself an acai bowl without the fear of having to share. I topped it was peanut butter protein granola from Trader Joe’s, blackberries, and some ground cherries. It was yummy and very rewarding.

Then Jon wanted to eat some waffles, so I figured why not. Sadly, they were not vegan. Wegman’s was having a sale on waffle mixes and I picked them up, not even thinking they wouldn’t be vegan. Sure enough- buttermilk powder, in both. I noticed after buying and opening, and honestly they were on sale so I am not crying a river. So I might be offering them to my in-laws to use. But I did make a special waffle for myself, using Fit Quick Waffle mix. The mix is REALLY old, so I don’t know if it just getting old or if I needed to cook it in the waffle maker for another minute or two but it was okay. But I topped it with more blackberries, some chocolate peanut butter sauce, and some blueberry syrup.

For lunch both Wolfie and Jon had wraps using old stew. The stew was a moroccan white bean, zucchini, and carrot stew from Appetite for Reduction that used old produce from our CSA. There isn’t much of it left, but I am thinking probably a “burrito” wrap again.

Well, one pro-tip to plan your produce is to use the vegetables that will go bad first. Usually things like fruits are the first to go, so I always try to use ripest tomatoes first. But I find that okra doesn’t always last after a week. So I wanted to use it up since I already have leftover from last week. I made the recipe from Tahini and Turmeric, caramelized okra in a pomegranate molasses sauce. It was awesome, Jon took a bite and said “This is actually good.” A first for okra lol

Sadly it didn’t really photograph well. I don’t think I used enough okra, as the stems probably made it weight more than what I was actually using. It was pretty simple to make, it just took a REALLY long time, like an hour. I will totally be making it again.

We served it with white rice from the rice cooker, and my in-laws gifted us some corn, so that is added thing to use up XD But a quick trick to making perfect corn really quickly is microwaving it! Just toss the corn with husks and all and cook for 3-5 minutes. It depends on how many ears are in, and how good your microwave is. I am sold on the process.

Looks like tomorrow we will have to go grocery shopping. Not looking forward to that, but we already made a pretty big dent in the produce.

How do you like to make okra?

Vegan MOFO 2019: Week One Haul

Things at the farm has been a little disappointing. In June there was some heavy flooding, about a years worth of rain in a span of a few weeks. Many crops suffered and it now finally showing. A bit of a bummer, but it is probably a little good. Our power went out for two days, so we ate at my in-laws for those two nights. Before that we cooked for them the previous two nights, using their produce. So we went almost the whole week without cooking with any of the produce. Yikes!

I got used a good bit, but I ended up with much more than I would of hoped for. That’s okay since i got less than what I was expecting from the farm! lol I had a hard time “filling a bag” from the mix and match table that I ended up grabbing some more okra, something I am not super fond of. I will say I am excited about the ground cherries, I already ate some in an acai bowl with some blackberries. I also cheated a little with my share and took my in-law’s share of tomatillos. Not 100% sure what I am going to use them for though.

What’s Leftover

  • 2 garlic scapes
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 2 green bell peppers
  • 1 kohlrabi
  • 1 small head of cabbage
  • 10 oz okra
  • 2 1/2 lb beets (half golden, half red)
  • 6 1/2 oz carrots
  • 1 bunch of scallions

New Produce

So what am I cooking today? Not much. I had a smoothie and a bagel, which both did not use any vegetables from our farm. The closest I got was making an acai bowl topped with ground cherries and blackberries. Jon and Gavin ate a few blackberries as well. We will be eating at my in-laws tonight, who are making eggplant “meatballs” and some pasta so that sounds pretty good. I also have some chocolate cherry sorbet in the ice cream maker for dessert.

What would you make with my haul?

Vegan MOFO 2019: Quick CSA Questions

You might of seen my original post introducing the theme of my Vegan MOFO posts, but you might have tons of questions. So I am making a quick little FAQ page while I wait to pick up my CSA share tomorrow morning.

What is a CSA?

I wrote a lot about CSAs on my CSA Beginners Guide, which I would recommend checking out. But a quick answer is that you pay a lump sum of money, and each week for a set amount of time you get a box of the produce. I break down different ways farms do this on the page if you are curious.

So what does your CSA look like?

My CSA is one farm. They do boxed shares for pick up in Toms River and Holmdel, but I pick up their summer share at their farm in Chesterfield. It starts after Memorial Day, and then runs for 26 weeks. I pay $660, which averages out to $25.50 each week. Sometimes the farm offers an option to buy more produce, and has products from other farms to buy. They also offer a winter share, that we never participated in.

When we pick up the share there is a board that lists all the food we can take that is already picked. Usually

I want to join a CSA, where should I look?

You’ll probably have to do some digging, but the best place to start is asking friends if they are part of a CSA and if they are happy with it. But googling “CSAs near me” might not get much. But there are two helpful directories that I’ve found. Bounty from the Box has lots of information about each farm listed, though they have limited listings. Local Harvest has a more extensive database with Events, Farmer Markets, and CSAs. Even better is that they list what type of CSA it is, if they have pick up locations, etc.

How do you find recipes for your produce?

Pinterest and Google do a lot of heavy lifting. Sometimes the best thing to do is simply type in some of the ingredients you are trying to use and see what comes up. It also helps to have a large collection of cookbooks, but sometimes simple vegetable “bible” books help you get comfortable with the produce. I really like Vegetable Love as it breaks down chapter vegetable by vegetable. Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone has instructions for cooking lots of vegetable as well. Neither are 100% vegan though.

What do you do with vegetables you don’t like?

Think about what type of dishes you’ve tried with said vegetable. For example I am not a huge eggplant fan, so I sat and thought about what I’ve eaten with it, breaded and fried, lots of tomato based dishes, very Italian stuff. So I might search for Asian inspired dishes. If it is a texture you don’t like, look for dishes where you puree the stuff, like soups or sauces.

Any other recipe tips?

Pin any recipes you think are interesting, even if you can’t make it this year. Maybe you don’t have enough of that vegetable, or maybe you don’t have all the vegetables that week. It’s all good. Save it because then you can revisit it next week, or next year.

Also don’t knock non-vegan recipes. You can easily modify the recipe by using vegan alternatives. Use vegan yogurt, use a cashew cream, or tofu instead of meat. You get it.

Any other questions about owning a CSA?

For now, I’ll see you tomorrow with a list of the produce for the week.

Vegan MOFO 2019: A Month of CSA Produce

It’s that time of the year! VEGAN MOFO! I have been participating for the past 4 years, and been doing a lot of themes revolving around American Cakes and Sweets. I kind-of wanted to stick to that theme but it is hot, and our central air is still broken. I do not want to be doing any baking. So I thought I would do something that is kind-of hard to capture in one post, but is often asked- What the heck do you do with all that produce?!

My husband and I have been part of a CSA since we got married (and we got married there.) We pay Fernbrook Farms a set amount of money for a year worth of produce (or rather 26 weeks.) We pick up food each week, mixed between things we choose, things we pick in the fields, and additional foods we can pay for. When I explain our situation to friends and family I often hear similar comments, what do you do with all that food? Lots of people have tried doing a CSA and couldn’t keep up with the produce, or have taken a share once for someone and felt overwhelmed by the amount of food.

So each Saturday I will share what I got that week from my CSA and what I still had leftover from previous weeks. Then each day I will blog what I ate with the produce from the CSA. Maybe it is leftovers, maybe it something I feed my son, or give my husband. I will try and show the many ways we eat it up to give an accurate view of what being part of CSA would mean.

Hopefully I will be able to keep up, and I am excited to check out all the Vegan MOFO posts this year!

Produce Bucket: Cucumber

It’s that time of year, cucumbers are flooding in and I sit staring into my fridge wondering what to do with all of them. My big problem is that I can’t eat too much cucumber without my stomach getting upset. Even still, so many recipes that use cucumber seems to use such a small amount anyways. It isn’t until very recently that I learned you can apparently cook cucumbers.

So here I am this year, trying to make a list to work with. And truthfully, I’ll probably using cucumbers a lot more this year since our CSA has experienced quite a bit of crop loss from flooding. And if you are wondering why there aren’t any pickle recipes, well that is easy. I make plenty of pickles, they just use a different kind of cucumber. So these recipes are for your average joe-smoe cucumber. Also, if you are like me and have tummy troubles with cucumber, simply peels and seed your cucumber before eating. It will make life bittersweet, I like the skin, but you can eat it with less pain.


Cucumber Cooler
I love a great drink. Sadly I feel like we lost it when big soda took over. We now just guzzle overly sweet drinks that lack subtly. This is probably why I love a cocktail, more thought and care have been put into it to balance flavors. But not everyone wants booze, whether it is for religion, health, or personal preference. So this drink is a nice drink without the alcohol. If you must use booze, you could always use a spiked ginger ale,

Cucumber Coupe
Gin, cucumber, and sparkling wine? Yes please.

In the Weeds
I enjoyed this drink and it is pretty cheap if you have all the good on hand. Just need some cheap vodka and a bitters container that will last you forever.

Juke Cup Cocktail
This drink is a little bit of a pipeline dream. It seems like it would be a little too expensive as it uses some very specific types of liquors. But a girl can dream because it sounds super yummy.

Milk Maid Cocktail
I am debating if putting this on the list is a good idea. It is vegan, so that’s good. The issue is the cucumber, it’s just garnish, so does this really qualify it to be on this list? I don’t know, with this political climate I will use any excuse to drink more. So on the list this goes.

Cucumber Mint Fizz
This is a drink that has booze but I can’t help but feel like it shouldn’t. It just looks so inviting I could sip on it all day. It contains gin, and you could easily sub a non alcoholic gin and tonic for the fizz. Or you can quickly google non-alcoholic gin and get a bunch of results. You couldn’t skip the gin because of the yummy botanical flavors it brings to the table.


Wasabi Cucumber Ice Cream
This sounds crazy enough to be delicious! I might want to alter the recipe a little, but worth giving it a go.

Cucumber Basil Granita
This seems simple enough, but I like the flavor combo of basil and cucumber together. Sounds pretty dreamy, but it makes sense. Lots of people like to pair cucumber with mint with sorbets, and basil is a close relative to mint.

Avocado and Cucumber Sorbet
Avocado sorbet was one of my favorites at Capogiro’s (RIP) I love how the avocado adds fat to the sorbet making it more like ice cream in texture. So this combo sounds pretty magical.

Cucumber Celery and Gin Sorbet
My mind is racing about this one. So many savory flavors waiting for me to enjoy in an ice cold form. *drools* And if you don’t want booze and don’t want to miss out google non-alcoholic gin. I would link to some but there are available to different countries and that would make a mess. But the alcohol probably helps keep the sorbet soft in the freezer.


Spicy Smashes Cucumber Salad with Brown Rice
I’ve actually already made this recipe. It technically isn’t vegan, and it calls for labneh not greek yogurt. Whatever. I used almond yogurt and maple syrup and it was super good. Pretty much the recipe calls for smashing the cucumbers which makes them better at absorbing flavors. Totally worth the time to make, and it is pretty filling with the brown rice and croutons.

Cucumber and Wakame Seaweed Sunomono
Asian styled cucumber recipes use to be my favorite. I would do a quick pickle cucumber with some thai flavors and be in heaven for lunch. So this dish looked delicious. I love the idea of mixing cucumber with a deep flavored seaweed.

Green Beans and Cucumbers with Miso Dressing
Double whammy recipe right here. I am CONSTANTLY trying to get rid of green beans as well. My green bean problem has died down more recently as deers have found the beans consistently every year at my CSA. But there was a point where we would get practically a bag full of green beans, and it would make me angry I would have to trim all of them. But hey, I think miso tastes amazing with everything so this might make a great side dish.

Dinner Time

Green Cucumber Tomatillo Gazpacho
Technically speaking this isn’t vegan. But you could easily sub the yogurt with a vegan one, and use agave or corn syrup for the honey. Yeah, I just suggested you use corn syrup, deal with it. But the soup is easy to make, and uses a grill making for a very cool house.

30 Minute Cucumber Noodle Pad Thai
Maybe my beef with cucumbers is that it gets pushed to the side. A cold salad, a pickle, a cold soup, a delicious drink. This recipe pushes it right in the front by spiralizing it and coating it with a sauce. Sounds good to me.

Green Gimbap
This was a little twist to a Korean classic. Think of it like sandwich flavors in sushi form. You can really use whatever you want in it, traditionally there are weird things like spam or cheese wrapped in, so get creative and go nuts, just keep the cucumber because that is what this whole post is about right?


Let me start this section by saying, WHO KNEW YOU COULD COOK CUCUMBERS?! It is always cold, which is fine in some ways, but totally limiting on the other hand. I am excited to try these out because I want to see if cooking helps with the digestion aspect.

Sautéed Korean Cucumber Side Dish
This is a simple recipe. Just “burp” the cucumber and sauté. Pretty simple and barely takes any real time. Sure you need to wait for the first step but it it largely down time.

Sautéed Cucumber
Apparently Martha Stewart knew about this whole hot cucumber thing too. I mean this is hardly a recipe. Just chop and sautee for 5 minutes, but it gives a jumping point for any hot cuke noobs.

Julia Child’s Baked Cucumbers
Julia Child even knew about this thing! Only she bakes her cucumbers, and I am thinking an hour of baking might be too long. But I am not Julia Child, and therefore know even less than she does about cooking cucumbers, so what do I know?

Fried Cucumbers
You know, I was at first shocked to hear about this, but honestly, why not? I mean there are fried pickles? This recipe is just for those who are too lazy and want to skip the whole pickle step.

Cucumber Cake with Gin Icing
If there is one thing I have learned about obsessing over cake recipes is that there is no end to what one can do with vegetables and flour. This recipe sounds like it uses some interestig flavors to work with each other. The recipe isn’t vegan, but hell, why not try it out anyways?

Cucumber Walnut Bread
And finally we close with a much more practical cake for the everyday. Both cakes are really getting me excited but I know I will most likely NOT be trying them anytime soon because of lack of central air. Or perhaps I will just go for it and see what happens. *crosses fingers*

So what is your favorite ways to eat cucumbers? Has anyone tried baking it?

Produce Bucket: Kohlrabi

I am not new to this root veggie. It has been something of a struggle for the past few years. Most recipes suggest making a slaw out of kohlrabi. It just seems too boring, and too time consuming. And if it wasn’t a slaw, it was a salad, or worse a gratin. Now let me be clear, I am not against gratin but boy howdy I do not want to turn the oven on.

So here is a list of foods that seem a little more fun! A little more interesting! And hopefully doesn’t have too many of the same ol’ same ol’ Pinterest links. I am starting to get more use to the vegetable, but still finding some tried and true recipes to fall back on.

Produce Spotlight: Kohlrabi

Let’s start with the basics. If you are new to kohlrabi you probably have lots of questions. This blog page is a god send. So much information such as vegetable stats, basics on how to cook, how to cut, when to buy, when to grow, and even links to recipes. Sadly lots of the recipes aren’t vegan, and many are slaws and salad, but still worth checking it out. And if you already are pretty comfortable with kohlrabi, check out the page, you still might learn something new.


Roasted Kohlrabi with an Old Bay Dipping Sauce
Okay so I said I was avoiding recipes that use ovens. Sorry but this just looked so good. Just big chunks of roasted kohlrabi with one of the yummiest looking sauces out there. The good news? Kohlrabi isn’t just a spring crop, I get some in the fall, and depending on your winters, you could be growing it all winter.

Kohlrabi Fritters
This is on my list of “I really want to cook this but I am just a little scared… I really should totally do this…. wait is kohlrabi season already gone?!” Yeah so I am a big wuss when it comes to frying things, especially because fritters and the like don’t have vegan recipes. This one looks good, but does not have an actual photo of the fritters, so maybe it is terrible.

Kohlrabi Chips with Hippie Ranch Dressing
Maybe I am little bias with the name? But it is another roasting recipe. Sorry. Like I said, I got suckered into the name really. Also it is nice to have a reminder in the fall, you can vegetable in something other than a cube.

Slow Cooker Kohlrabi Gratin
This recipe uses a slow cooker to make a gratin so that is pretty cool. It isn’t a vegan recipe, but it isn’t hard to sub some vegan butter and some almond milk.

Kohlrabi Schnitzel
This idea of a breaded fried kohlrabi slab doesn’t seem to be too far fetched of an idea. I’ve seen a bunch of recipes online for it, but most contain eggs. This one doesn’t, and the author suggests maybe using this for a sandwich filling.


Scharf eingelegter Kohlrabi
Okay so this recipe is in German. But if you know how to make pickles, it doesn’t take long to fill in the gaps with google translate. I came across lots of German recipes since the ingredient is more common there. But the spices looked good, and hell, this photo looks fantastic.

Kohlrabi Kimchi with Adzuki Bean Tacos
Okay this is one of my own recipes. You caught me! But it is something I forget about making all the time and I am not sure why.

Main Course

Spring Veggie Bowl with Jade Pearl Rice, Kohlrabi, and Coconut Tahini Sauce
Whooo…. a lot is going on in this dish. But I think a little switching around will be forgiven. Like I might not be using Jade Pearl Rice, but regular short grain rice will do. And I am not sure who gets zucchini, cauliflower, kohlrabi, AND peas at the same time, but it is not hard to find zucchini and cauliflower in the store.

Thai Style Kohlrabi Stir-fry
I love how quick and simple this dish is. Just pretty much saute the kohlrabi and add the proper seasoning. Technically it uses fish sauce, but you can sub a type of soy sauce or a vegan fish sauce if you can get a hold of one. It is simple enough to add a protein to make it a little more filling.

Sweet potato Kohlrabi Risotto
This looks like a great FALL kohlrabi recipe because of the sweet potato, but they are pretty easy to buy year round. This is ALMOST a vegan risotto, just omit the cheese.

Curried Millet Stir Fry Kohlrabi
So the previous recipe was on a site that appeared another time while searching for Kohlrabi recipes. So I thought what else does she have? A GOOD BIT! This came up, and even has vegan in the title. This recipe I am seriously considering making next week since I have some millet laying around, and tofu. I just need more kohlrabi.

Lentil Kohlrabi Salad
Okay I said no salads or slaws but I like this dish. Well, it looks like I would like it. It seems like a nice combo and could made super insanely easy if you have canned lentils. Makes a great meal prep lunch options. Just chop, toss, and store.

Rotini and Spinach with Kohlrabi Cream
I love this idea so much. Cook some pasta, cook the kohlrabi, then blend the kohlrabi into a sauce for the pasta. It is a smart idea since spinach and kohlrabi are both in season in the spring.

Kohlrabi Chickpea Curry
This looks like a good curry. Simple and satisfying. It kind-of reminds me of a chana masala with some kohlrabi chunks tossed in there, which isn’t a bad thing.

Sweetcorn and Kohlrabi Chowder
I’ve made a few kohlrabi soups and they have been pretty boring. But I can totally see how the corn and kohlrabi flavors would go well with each other. And even though I rarely get corn and kohlrabi at the same time, there is usually some pretty tasty corn starting to come in.

Anyone cooked with kohlrabi in the past? What is your favorite recipe?