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I am not new to this root veggie. It has been something of a struggle for the past few years. Most recipes suggest making a slaw out of kohlrabi. It just seems too boring, and too time consuming. And if it wasn’t a slaw, it was a salad, or worse a gratin. Now let me be clear, I am not against gratin but boy howdy I do not want to turn the oven on.

So here is a list of foods that seem a little more fun! A little more interesting! And hopefully doesn’t have too many of the same ol’ same ol’ Pinterest links. I am starting to get more use to the vegetable, but still finding some tried and true recipes to fall back on.

Produce Spotlight: Kohlrabi

Let’s start with the basics. If you are new to kohlrabi you probably have lots of questions. This blog page is a god send. So much information such as vegetable stats, basics on how to cook, how to cut, when to buy, when to grow, and even links to recipes. Sadly lots of the recipes aren’t vegan, and many are slaws and salad, but still worth checking it out. And if you already are pretty comfortable with kohlrabi, check out the page, you still might learn something new.


Roasted Kohlrabi with an Old Bay Dipping Sauce
Okay so I said I was avoiding recipes that use ovens. Sorry but this just looked so good. Just big chunks of roasted kohlrabi with one of the yummiest looking sauces out there. The good news? Kohlrabi isn’t just a spring crop, I get some in the fall, and depending on your winters, you could be growing it all winter.

Kohlrabi Fritters
This is on my list of “I really want to cook this but I am just a little scared… I really should totally do this…. wait is kohlrabi season already gone?!” Yeah so I am a big wuss when it comes to frying things, especially because fritters and the like don’t have vegan recipes. This one looks good, but does not have an actual photo of the fritters, so maybe it is terrible.

Kohlrabi Chips with Hippie Ranch Dressing
Maybe I am little bias with the name? But it is another roasting recipe. Sorry. Like I said, I got suckered into the name really. Also it is nice to have a reminder in the fall, you can vegetable in something other than a cube.

Slow Cooker Kohlrabi Gratin
This recipe uses a slow cooker to make a gratin so that is pretty cool. It isn’t a vegan recipe, but it isn’t hard to sub some vegan butter and some almond milk.

Kohlrabi Schnitzel
This idea of a breaded fried kohlrabi slab doesn’t seem to be too far fetched of an idea. I’ve seen a bunch of recipes online for it, but most contain eggs. This one doesn’t, and the author suggests maybe using this for a sandwich filling.


Scharf eingelegter Kohlrabi
Okay so this recipe is in German. But if you know how to make pickles, it doesn’t take long to fill in the gaps with google translate. I came across lots of German recipes since the ingredient is more common there. But the spices looked good, and hell, this photo looks fantastic.

Kohlrabi Kimchi with Adzuki Bean Tacos
Okay this is one of my own recipes. You caught me! But it is something I forget about making all the time and I am not sure why.

Main Course

Spring Veggie Bowl with Jade Pearl Rice, Kohlrabi, and Coconut Tahini Sauce
Whooo…. a lot is going on in this dish. But I think a little switching around will be forgiven. Like I might not be using Jade Pearl Rice, but regular short grain rice will do. And I am not sure who gets zucchini, cauliflower, kohlrabi, AND peas at the same time, but it is not hard to find zucchini and cauliflower in the store.

Thai Style Kohlrabi Stir-fry
I love how quick and simple this dish is. Just pretty much saute the kohlrabi and add the proper seasoning. Technically it uses fish sauce, but you can sub a type of soy sauce or a vegan fish sauce if you can get a hold of one. It is simple enough to add a protein to make it a little more filling.

Sweet potato Kohlrabi Risotto
This looks like a great FALL kohlrabi recipe because of the sweet potato, but they are pretty easy to buy year round. This is ALMOST a vegan risotto, just omit the cheese.

Curried Millet Stir Fry Kohlrabi
So the previous recipe was on a site that appeared another time while searching for Kohlrabi recipes. So I thought what else does she have? A GOOD BIT! This came up, and even has vegan in the title. This recipe I am seriously considering making next week since I have some millet laying around, and tofu. I just need more kohlrabi.

Lentil Kohlrabi Salad
Okay I said no salads or slaws but I like this dish. Well, it looks like I would like it. It seems like a nice combo and could made super insanely easy if you have canned lentils. Makes a great meal prep lunch options. Just chop, toss, and store.

Rotini and Spinach with Kohlrabi Cream
I love this idea so much. Cook some pasta, cook the kohlrabi, then blend the kohlrabi into a sauce for the pasta. It is a smart idea since spinach and kohlrabi are both in season in the spring.

Kohlrabi Chickpea Curry
This looks like a good curry. Simple and satisfying. It kind-of reminds me of a chana masala with some kohlrabi chunks tossed in there, which isn’t a bad thing.

Sweetcorn and Kohlrabi Chowder
I’ve made a few kohlrabi soups and they have been pretty boring. But I can totally see how the corn and kohlrabi flavors would go well with each other. And even though I rarely get corn and kohlrabi at the same time, there is usually some pretty tasty corn starting to come in.

Anyone cooked with kohlrabi in the past? What is your favorite recipe?


I’ve been terrible at posting lately! I’ve been busy. There has been some exciting news, as my mother is moving from Utah, all the was across the country, back to the east coast in New Jersey. It has been almost a decade of her living a 4 hour flight away, so it should be an interesting change. She is already planning embroidery and sewing projects with me. 

I started to write this post last night and I had the hardest time. I am currently doing a detox, which I like to do them from time to time. I haven’t done one in awhile since I have been eating so well. Writing this entry is hard since I see the photos and want to pull out the leftovers. It is a little painful. 

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