Okay so this isn’t a scary drink or cake for Halloween. This drink was GOING to be posted last week but I didn’t quite squeeze it in. Which means my last cake post will be tomorrow (or later in the week) as a result. Not quite making it for Vegan MOFO. NOOOO!

But if you want something spooky, might I recommend making the Masala Bloody MaryGreen Mary, Reanimator, Suspira, Spiced Pumpkin Carriage, or the Pumpkin Spice Macaccino for those who don’t partake in alcohol.

I could of named this cocktail something like Spicy Cucumber Lemongrass Spritzer, but cocktails need names damn it! Names that tells you NOTHING about the drink itself. Bloody Mary? Tells you nothing about ingredients (I mean other than something’s red), Tom Collins still nothing, Death in the Afternoon, nope. Manhattan– well you get the point.

So how did I get this name? Well, similarly to the Green Mary, I have a lot plants going into this drink. And for the most part, they are things I don’t use often enough. The lemongrass set forever in my fridge, cucumbers always go bad, and I have to be very careful with jalapenos since they can make the air toxic when cooking. Add in the slightly green color of the cocktail, I thought it was a great name.

I like this cocktail because you muddle the cucumber with a little bit of sugar. That way you don’t need any simple syrup or a juicer. Heck you don’t even need a fancy muddler- I just used the other end of my ice cream scoop.

As usual I am too lazy to actually buy citruses so I used some orange bitters to top it off and some lemon seltzer. I am glad about that choice because it gives the whole drink a nice light and clean taste.

In the Weeds
I never seem to use these ingredients up fast enough, so now I have to drink them down.
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  1. 1/4 of a cucumber
  2. 1 tsp sugar
  3. 1 1/2 oz jalapeno lemongrass vodka
  4. 4 dashes of orange bitters
  5. a splash of lemon seltzer
  1. 1 Roughly chop your cucumber. Toss into a shaker with sugar. Use a muddler and mash together the cucumber and sugar together until the sugar is dissolved
  2. 2 Add the vodka and some ice cubes. Shake.
  3. 3 Strain out the solids into a low ball/old fashion glass.
  4. 4 Add a large ice cube, toss on the bitter and seltzer and drink.
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