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The summer crops are dwindling.  The farmers recommend that we stock up on peppers as they won’t be around much longer. The tomatillos were a little dry and sparse. There are less tomato varieties from which to pick (slicing, cherry, peach, and plum). The clearest sign that fall crops upon us? Beets and various greens are making it back to the menu. 


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Today is brutal. The weather is unbearably humid and fairly hot. I guess I shouldn’t complain since this summer has been pretty nice to everyone. It didn’t help that we had to park our car farther than usual and I had to carry a dirty wet 25 (and more) pound watermelon a quarter of a mile. My farm grew a record breaking (at least for them) 30 pound watermelon! Eek!

It is so hot that I actually plan on eating out tonight, even though I have more food than what I know what to do with. No way I’m turning an oven on in this small apartment.


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liebster2 We have been nominated for the Liebster Award! Awww I’m touched. For anyone who doesn’t know what it is, the Liebster Award isn’t really an award. It is structured game to connect to other bloggers and get to know each other. There have been various games like this when I started to blog 10 years ago, so I am kind-of psyched for some old school Q&A. I was tagged by Jamie from Cute Peach (whose new layout ROCKS!)

So what are the rules? 

  • List 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by whoever nominated you
  • Nominate 5-11 bloggers* with less than 200 followers (excluding the blog who nominated you)
  • Ask 11 new questions for your chosen nominees

* I have seen this number be 11 (you know, 11 facts, 11 questions, 11 bloggers) but I was tagged with the rules being 5 so I am sticking to that.

11 Facts About Me

  1. I did color guard for one year in high school.
  2. I was in a music video for a band, I was just an extra though. (I have the short hair, blue shirt, and plaid pleated skirt for anyone who wants to look for me)
  3. I interned for Fox 29, the Philadelphia affiliate for the Fox network.
  4. My prom dresses were both sewn and designed by me.
  5. I built a cardboard car in college.
  6. I’ve been to only two countries, the United States and Canada
  7. At my jobs I have served Bruce Springsteen, Joe Flacco, and a bunch of Flyer players, whom I don’t know who they are but are famous.
  8. I really really love ice cream.
  9. I have been to three different Gwar concerts.
  10. I graduated from the University of the Arts in 2009 with a major in Finger Painting (just kidding it was in Video)
  11. I’m the youngest in my family.

11 Questions

How did you get into blogging and why do you like it?

I did it originally in high school. I remember starting out with a hosted blogs, sometimes updating manually, sometimes using blogger. I eventually made the switch to LiveJournal since it was easier to follow friends. But I dropped out of blogging for a long time, until recently. I found myself reading a bunch of fashion and food blogs and thought, why not?

What is your favorite book or book genre? Do you judge a book by its cover?

I think I judge covers in two ways. One is if the cover looks like a specific genre. I don’t think certain genres are bad, but when I look at a cover and it screams “historical fiction” or “horror” it puts me off. It isn’t that I won’t read them, I just feel like the publishers are trying too hard to sell a genre over the story. Then it comes off that the publishers don’t think anyone would like the book unless they love that genre.

I also hate covers with movies posters on them. I remember searching around nonstop to find a certain pressing of Raise the Red Lantern just because I wanted the cover with the lanterns on it instead of Gong Li sitting. I know it is suppose to help sell both the book AND the movie, but I am sorry I am READING the book, let it stand by itself.

What kind of music do you like?

Kind-of funny that Jamie asked this question since she knows my choice in music is ALL over the place. But I will summerize mentioning the two concerts I REALLY want to go to (but don’t have too much money) Perfume and Blonde Redhead. I definitely don’t have the money for Perfume, but possibly for Blonde Redhead… You can check out my last fm profile to see my top tracks, though my plays don’t always get tracked.

What are some of your other hobbies?

I went to art school so I use to make a lot of things. I’ve kind-of stopped and I wish I haven’t. Adult life have really blocked my creative juices. I use to paint, sew, film, photograph, block print, anything I could think of. Lately I’ve been keeping up with some photography, and I want to start sewing again. 

Do you have any fears or phobias?

Getting too old and getting Alzheimer’s or going into a vegetative state. I am a very proactive person, and I can barely sit still when I am sick. So the idea that I would forget who I am, or can’t do basic everyday functions freaks me out. Not only would I feel trapped, I would know it would really hurt people who love me. 

What is your favorite season of the year?

Fall. It is the best since you get to cuddle with a blanket at night, but it is still warm enough for long walks outside. It is also my favorite weather to go running in, breathing is super easy and sweating is minimal.

Are there any foods that you absolutely don’t like?

Steak. I can’t stand steak cooked in one big piece (like a steak house with potatoes)

What is the most interesting or delicious thing you’ve ever eaten?

Hmm… not sure how to answer this one. I am pretty game to eating anything. Heck I would break my ethical eating to try something new ONCE. But I think the most interesting thing for most westerners would be natto. It is soybeans that are molded and are slimy. They stink and are stretchy like melted cheese. Weirdly I love eating them and will occasionally buy them frozen from Asian food markets.

Most delicious thing? Would probably be from Franklin Fountain. I would visit when the owners would still work the counters. They were awesome because you could go in and say “I want a pumpkin milkshake.” Then the owner would chime in a say “Oh add some malt, and walnuts, and a little caramel swirl!” and it would be brilliant. So a Caramal Swirled Malted Pumpkin Milkshake is the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. Best thing? They now sell vegan pumpkin ice cream and vegan caramel so I can almost recreate that milkshake again this fall.

If you could travel to any country in the world (either to live or to visit) where would you go and why?

I would live in Portland Maine. I visited the city for my honeymoon and I thought “I could live here.” I love mild summers and lots of snow. There is also a great local food movement in the area, which gave me lots of eating options. If I could visit anywhere it would be Korea or Japan. They are awesome countries, with lots of food that I want to try.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

I would want everyone to be more responsible. I wish people read more, kept learning, were more aware of how to preserve the earth, and ate a little less meat. I know everyone thinks differently, or have different priorities so it isn’t like I want everyone to be just like me. Then life would be boring. 


Alexa from One Raw Bite Okay this might be cheating but I wanted my co-blogger to also answer some questions! (no need to nominate someone bbcakes!)

Jenny from She Loves Dresses I’ve been stalking Jenny on Instagram and she just opened up her blog. She has such a cute wardrobe and wears vintage in a refreshingly different way.

Ursula from Ursula Goes She feeds my love of outdoors. Her blog features some cute photos from her hikes and trips.

Katie from Buddle and Squeak I love Katie’s positivity and feminist posts. She has such a cute and quirky sense of style.

Allison from The Mantis Princess I started to follow this blog right when she started it! She has super cute hair and glasses.

Miss Lixxie Lou from Miss Lixxie Lou Another instagramer I’ve been following who just opened up a blog! She also wear vintage styled clothing but in a very different way from Jenny (She Loves Dresses)

11 Questions for the Nominees

  1. What is your favorite food: One savory, one sweet?
  2. How would your describe your fashion sense?
  3. Which do you prefer dresses or skirts? (or pants or shorts?)
  4. Where are you from, and where is the furthest you’ve traveled from there?
  5. What would your consider the best day off?
  6. How do you take your coffee?
  7. Do you have any pets? Who are they?
  8. Are you more likely to watch TV shows or Movies? 
  9. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  10. If money didn’t matter, what would you be doing with your life?
  11. Other than what you feature in your blog, what are your other hobbies?

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I recently had the pleasure of watching over my friends adorable little dog, Kiba. He is simply one of the sweetest little dogs I have ever met. I have known Kiba since he was just a pup, and I consider myself lucky for being able to say so! 

Morgan brought him home when we were in high school, just around the same time that I got my cat Miso. He was the cutest little nugget I ever did see! He is a white Shiba-Inu and he loves chicken. “Chicken” could mean any sort of treat though so be sure that you are giving him something extra delicious when using that word!

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This weekend I had the pleasure of going to Asbury Fresh, the farmer’s market located in Asbury Park, NJ. There are so many vendors who offer various things ranging from hand made or vintage clothing to different baked goods! My main reason for going today was definitely to support my good friends over at … 

That Sounds Delicious


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I feel terrible … I have fallen so far behind in my posting! Yikes!! Most of this is probably because I had my wisdom teeth removed a few weeks ago and I have been on the mend (slowly but surely), I have also been trying to get a bunch of freelance work finished and sent off, so that has taken up a bit of time as well. But, while I am here today I might as well make a lil’ outfit post ;).  For Memorial Day Mr. Ian and I both had the fortune to have the day off from work! So what better idea then to go pay a visit to Jenny and Jon!? It was a nice and easy drive down, and we got to catch up a bunch. We got to organize the prints/clothing that are now for sale on our shop, discuss some upcoming blog posts and illustrations, and MOST IMPORTANTLY … eat food and drink beer!  Continue reading


Hello Everyone!

As you all know I lost my horse recently. I have been doing my best to swing back into being myself and getting things done in my daily life, but it has really taken a toll on me. I feel as though it would be hard for anyone in this sort of situation to keep on going as if everything is normal. I wanted to write more about it because it has definitely affected one thing in particular…my eating. 

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A few weeks ago I visited Burlington, Vermont for my brother Trevor’s Graduation from College! He attended the University of Vermont and (as far as I know) is going to be teaching Crossfit classes and competing in Crossfit competitions for a living. It was nice to be able to see him and his lovely girlfriend, and I had never been to Burlington before then, so it was an added bonus of adventure! 

My favorite part of the weekend was when we all met up (my Mother, Step Daddy, Trevor, his girlfriend Jules and myself) and walked around the Burlington Farmer’s Market. I already love farmer’s markets, and Trevor had told me that this one was especially nice. 

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Hey guys! I feel as though everyone knows this by now – but if you don’t, here it is… I love Professional Wrestling.  Like…really love it. I love it so much that I drunkenly stated (with GREAT emotion, on my birthday) to Mr. Ian “…I really  love wrestling!” as CM Punk was having a match on Smack Down. My first real experience with watching WWE was when Mr. Ian was getting back into it. He watched a little more regularly in the 80’s and 90’s but fell out of it as the talent got muddled and confused (around 2000). No one really stuck out for him and the writing wasn’t at it’s strongest. He had been telling me all about the matches he was watching with our good friend Billy (who should be credited for me getting into wrestling in the first place – if it wasn’t for him, this never would have happened!) and asked if I would watch an episode of Monday Night RAW with him. I wasn’t too keen on it but there was really no harm in trying something new. As we turned on the TV CM Punk came down the ramp and walked into the ring to give the WWE Universe and Paul Heyman a piece of his mind (no – it was NOT the infamous pipe bomb … if you go to the link skip ahead to about the 1:40 mark) … and I was in. He didn’t even do anything that extravagant – just started talking. That was really and honestly all it took. I think I had these pre-conceived notions that pro-wrestling would be like other sports that I had been exposed to … boring. When I saw that it was *actually* more complex than that, I became obsessed! My best way of describing it to people who ask is this: Wrestling is the best live-action-comic-book-soap opera I have ever seen. And I mean all of those things in the best way possible!       With all of that being said, I went to my first “Pay-Per-View” on March 4th – Extreme Rules!!!


“Tres Extremos” From left to right: Me, Mr. Ian and Billy

I went with Mr. Ian and Billy, and once parked in the parking lot outside the IZOD Center we met up with our friends Rich and Ryan where we drank beer and took in everything around us and GOT HYPED for what was in store. Sorry guys…this is about to get very picture heavy!

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This is my first wedding anniversary. I am pretty excited,, and I am celebrating with the hubby with lots of hiking (which will be posted later this week). I had worked 12 days in a row right up until this anniversary and felt pretty burned out. It is quite surreal to think that it has already been an entire year.  And looking back, I have so many fond memories. I know my wedding was featured on A Practical Wedding, but I figured I should share more details and photos for my readers.

Giving you guys a heads up- this will be pretty image heavy…. 

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