Hello Everyone!

As you all know I lost my horse recently. I have been doing my best to swing back into being myself and getting things done in my daily life, but it has really taken a toll on me. I feel as though it would be hard for anyone in this sort of situation to keep on going as if everything is normal. I wanted to write more about it because it has definitely affected one thing in particular…my eating. 

For whatever reason I usually go to food to seek comfort in times of stress. I have tried to curb this many times with no such luck. Believe me, I feel as though everyone should be able to find comfort in their time of need, but sometimes it may need to be limited. Personally, I feel as though I have probably gained some weight since Blaze passed, but this isn’t the first time I have decided to binge eat recently. I feel as though it was something I developed in college as a mechanism to keep me up on late nights. Unfortunately…that is still a thing that works. I have tried substituting liquids or smaller snacks, but to no avail. 

This post is not meant to seem as though I am trying to pass judgement on anyone either – I am merely taking a good look at what I have been doing recently and cataloging it for all of you to see! I never want to upset anyone who may have a similar issue that I am facing. Here are some things that I am planning on doing instead of going straight for the kitchen… 

I’m delicious! And sometimes your WORST ENEMY.

I’m delicious! And sometimes your WORST ENEMY.

1) Going for a short walk. Now that warmer weather is approaching I don’t really have any excuses not to go outside. The main reasons I end up eating at night are because I am either writing or drawing. I don’t work while I eat because I can’t use 2 hands to eat and draw/write at the same time. If I am taking a break anyway I might as well utilize it in a healthier manner. It’ll wake me up and I’ll feel revitalized when I sit back in my chair.

2) Drink more water/green tea. I already don’t drink enough water…and I LOVE water. I also love green tea and that is another good way to stay hydrated (I don’t put anything in it to sweeten it, so I don’t feel as bad when I go on a green tea drinking craze).

3) 7 Minute Work-out. I recently downloaded a new App on my phone called “The 7 Minute Work-out“. I don’t like to exercise. I probably never will (she said…while writing on a health conscious blog). It’s not even that I am not up for trying it…but every time I do try it always ends up with me stopping because I either forget or hate myself afterwords. What I like about the 7 minute work-out is that, while the work-out itself is short I still feel like I am accomplishing something at the end. So if I don’t feel like going out for a full blown walk, I would still be able to get some sort of exercise into my daily routine while still in the comfort of my house.

4) Spend time with other horses. I feel like this one might be the most important, for me anyway. My friend Jenna has several horses of her own and runs a stable. She has mentioned to me before that I am welcome to come over any time to play with any of them and when I do it helps me to relax. Sometimes it rips the scab off a little bit, but I think it’s helping more than hurting. I have been around horses since I was very small, to not have one in my life is a major change.

5) Dress up. This seems a little silly, especially since there are days where all I feel like doing is lying in bed, crying, and dressing like I did just that. But sometimes it helps cheer me up when I trick myself into thinking nothing is wrong by wearing a cute dress with pretty colors. It doesn’t even have to be a dress! It could be a cute pair of shoes, some jewelry, or a cute hair accessory. I just know that if I dress like a slob, then I am more likely to eat like one.

I am sure that there are other things that I could do to improve my bad eating habit, but this is a good start for right now. If anyone else has any good tips or experiences that they want to share you can comment below! I would love to hear what you all have to say.