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Day 150: Jon picks some strawberries for our first week at our CSA.


Day 151: Took some photos while Jon got our air conditioner which we store at his parents house. Last year we have to do that!


Day 152: Went for a long walk in Haddonfield and took a photo of the blooming dogwood trees.


Day 153: If you didn’t know, rabbits population usually goes in cycles, essentially rabbit populations reach a peak, and the population either gets eaten by local predators or they die out from too much competition. Once the population hits a low, the population starts to grow again. Anyways, the rabbits have been rather low lately, so I was so excited when I saw this pretty guy.


Day 154: Finally getting some rain, and I am not complaining!


Day 155: Finally got these shoes! It is about time since two pairs of shoes are getting holes in them. Eek!


Day 156: The plants at my work are finally blooming.


Day 143: Jon’s parents were on a trip so we went to their house to water their plants. So I took advantage and took some photos.


Day 144: Jon and I walked around town before the day got too hot. We found this super creepy deer ornament that looks like it got decapitated by tree roots. Very odd.


Day 145: Jon and I took yet another walk (we like walking guys) around Pennypacker Park and took some photos. We also saw large groups of Canadian geese and their baby chicks, but those photos didn’t turn out that nice.


Day 146: Thinking about stealing some of these buds from work to grown on my own (in the new house of coarse!)


Day 147: The evening sky was beautiful


Day 148: Took the really long back-roads way home during rush hour and found this crazy church. It looked so out of place since it was surrounded by so many cookie cutter mondo houses.

052815-o-1 052815-o-2

Day 149: Took photos of the new mocha pop recipe for the blog. Just in time for the hot hot summer.


Day 136: Jon made me a chocolate cake with chocolate icing from the Oh She Glows cookbook. It was pretty darn tasty, but I would have to say just a little bit dry and a little too sweet for the icing.


Day 137: For my actual birthday Jon took me to Charlie is a Sinner for a birthday/wedding anniversary celebration. Man was it pricey but it was super yummy. A review will be coming up!


Day 138: Thought this cute little lawn decoration was cute


Day 139: My bosses bought a tiki light to give their friend who has a little tiki bar in their backyard. They happen to put a bunch of plants in front of him and made it look like a little miniature jungle.


Day 140: A close up of a tin frame from work.


Day 141: We are working on getting our old jewelry up from my work. I had to photograph all the jewelry and will be posting it online, most likely on Amazon or Story Envy. I love how bendy our little earring stand is.


Day 142: My boss was reframing her pastel drawing. She wanted to do a before an after since she was pulling out all the stops with the frame job, bevel accents, fillets everything. So we took some photos, and although they look simple enough we had to do a bunch of modifications to prevent glare and get a good angle of the picture.

052215-o-1 052215-o-2

Day 129: Jon and I went house hunting, and I had been forbidden from bringing my camera since that might be a little overboard. So I snapped a quick shot of this cool luna moth with Jon’s iPhone. Apparently they are a common moth, but it is rare to see them in their adult form since they only live for a week!


Day 130: Spent Mother’s Day with my Mother in Law, who recently planted new flowers. This one is a variety of columbine. I also took close up photos of their “junk” bird sculpture by Sugar Post.


051015-o-1 051015-o-2

Day 131: Some flowers in my apartment complex, figuring out photography of flowers. It has been surprisingly hard!


Day 132: Some moodly looking tacos after a super hard work out from Orange Theory.


Day 133: Took a photo of one of the gargoyles that my boss collects at work.


Day 134: My boss has been busy gardening and landscaping lately. So far the only flowers that are in bloom was this guy. I am pretty excited to see what grows since he is a certified master gardner.


Day 135: Photographed the flowers in front of my apartment.


Day 122: It was my nieces “unsleepover” birthday party. Which pretty much meant everything was breakfast themed. People wore PJs, ate scrambled eggs, and played this weird donut on a string game.


Day 123: I have fallen in love with this huge bow from Target


Day 124: So excited to give my Mom-in-law this Vegan Cuts Mother’s Day Box. I am also falling in love with the new wrapping paper I got from Target. 


Day 125: Tummy rubs please?


Day 126: I made some tofu scramble for niece’s birthday and had tons of leftovers. So we made scrambled egg sandwiches with curry mustard spread and lightly pickled cabbage.


Day 127: When my boss goes on vacation to Virginia he lovingly brings back pork brains in milk gravy… yum?


Day 128: Took some photos for my Mother’s Etsy shop of Tobacco silks. Is this just an American sort of thing? It seemed like her knitting/sewing friends from Europe found these super fascinating, but they were kind-of just like Victorian baseball cards for housewives of the time.


Day 115: Made a quick and tasty dish of penne noodles lentils and kimchi. Will be posted on the blog.


Day 116: Cheated a little. I was in a rush with my house hunting endeavors that I forgot to take a photo with my SLR camera, but I did take a photo with my husband’s iPhone. And look, it is of my cat snuggling in a blanket making a cat-burrito.


Day 117: Alexa came to visit and we broke open this bad boy. Super yummy, though not sure if it had any other flavor components of Sriracha other than heat. But we would both drink it again.


Day 118: There was a cute little lady bug on the door at work


Day 119: Took my first Orangetheory class this day and came home super super hungry. Luckily I pre-chopped my veggies for alphabet soup, and quick took a snap shot since it looked kind-of cool


Day 120: Busted open my new apple cider. It was pretty good, but I felt like it could of been a little more dry.


Day 121: Went to pick up some comics for the niece’s birthday. The comic book shop, The Comic Station, has some really cool etchings in the window (probably to try and hide the cracks in the glass) But I’m down with Poe and cats.


Day 108: Toulouse naps on clothes on hangers… not sure if that is comfy.


Day 109: Abandoned building at the beginning of my hike.


Day 110: Cat stretches


Day 111: Quick shot of my owl clock


Day 112: Forgot to take a photo with my nice camera! But I did take a shot of my booze for my Untappd account. If you want you can friend me.


Day 113: That sky is filled with fluffy as fuck clouds.


Day 114: Third cat photo this week. I must be obsessing over this little fuzz.


Day 101: Jon sits in while I get the camera set up for my outfit photos.


Day 102: OMG WE’RE IN JAPAN! No, just visiting the teahouse display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


Day 103: Took photos of my mango black bean chili. Will be posted on the blog Monday. Yum!


Day 104: Lunch for the day- raw corn fritters from Ani’s Raw Food Asia.


Day 105: Another recipe to be posted- sweet potato pasta with sesame seed crumbles


Day 106: I just noticed how cute these two turquoise doors are.


Day 107: I can’t wait to open up this bottle. You would think I would of learned my lesson from the Voodoo Donut beer, but I know Alexa and I need to try this Sriracha beer. NO SPOILERS GUYS! We will need to find out it’s disgusting on our own.


Day 94 : Went for a walk since it was pretty warm. Slowly everything is budding.


Day 95: For Easter dinner I brought my very belated Christmas gift. My husband thought he would make a creeper cat puppet.


Day 96: Showing off my handmade purse. I am already thinking of how I can make the purse better and create a small camera pack. If it works, maybe I will start selling camera purses on etsy?


Day 97: Made some tamarind sprout wraps for lunch. Recipe coming up for the blog soon!


Day 98: It has been gross and misty all week. For some reason this photo seemed to capture how I’ve been feeling all week.


Day 99: Tried out the new restaurant Honeygrow, I can’t wait to go back again to feature on the blog.


Day 100: I just really wanted to show off my purse.


Day 87: We went to Long Island to visit my Grandmother and family. My nieces ended up going on an Easter egg hunt inside since it was actually snowing.


Day 88: Leftovers for Saturday night.


Day 89: I got a mild stomach bug (hello slightly rotten jackfruit) and spent most of the day napping

Day 90: Went to Delaware to visit my Mom and we worked on making a purse together.


Day 91: Framed my new wombat print by Kirbee Lawler


Day 92: Took a quick photo of Toulouse before heading out for drinks with my sisters.


Day 93: Went out for dinner with the hubz and there was a really cool fog when driving home. I tried really hard to run and get my camera and took the world’s worst photos. Womp, womp. Learned my lesson, ALWAYS bring your camera, that way you get every ounce of light, and you don’t miss the fog.