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Day 234: I ended up in the “backroom” of my CSA and my father-in-law helped make some of these storage containers for squashes and such. That is a lot of spaghetti squash.


Day 235: Spent the morning making some peach chutney. It was awesome and makes me want to make some indian food.


Day 236: Wrote a spur of the moment review on these awesome chocolates by Ooh La La Raw Chocolates.


Day 237: Sneak peak to one of my vegan mofo recipes.


Day 238: This guy returns to my works, I’m getting better and better at photographing these little buns.

082615-o-1 082615-o-2

Day 239: This is the back of a really cool old truck. I don’t know why I love how the back faded.


Day 240: Trying to use my telephoto lens more. Practiced on these birds at the feeder at work.


Day 227: I keep forgetting that when I go to my CSA to pick up my weekly share that there are tons of yummy garlic curing all on the roof rafters. I finally took a photo of them.


Day 228: Driving home Jon and I saw a huge deer family. There were lots of does and fawns. We tried to pull over to get some shots but it was getting dark and my first time shooting animals with my telephoto lens. Not the best pictures but we all need to start somewhere right?


Day 229: Toulouse decided to sleep on our comforter that smelled like a moldy basement. I spent all of Monday waiting for her to stop sleeping on it so I could give it a proper wash. Sadly, it still smelled nasty and it got thrown out. Sorry cat!


Day 230: There were so many cicada skins all over my work.


Day 231: When walking up to my work, I saw a bunny in the front lawn. I took out my camera trying to get a photo as fast as I could. As she ran away I tried using my continual shot option, and got the same body stance. So it looks like the bunny was running in sync with my camera shutter speed!


Day 232: Nope not my CSA. My bosses are growing some cashaw squash on the business property. And I will get some this fall!


Day 233: Went back and got a shot of the vine curly qs!


Day 220: Starting to go to the orchard and seeing lots of bugs- more than my CSA. Kind-of weird I guess. But I found this huge guy!


Day 221: Working on a new burrito recipe.


Day 222: I got my air plants in the mail


Day 223: Got my first batch of kombucha started in the new home. They are bottled and sitting out getting carbonated.


Day 224: Took photos of my shiro plum cocktail.


Day 225: Apparently Elephant ears bloom and they look like this-


Day 226: Overflowing pot


Day 213: Tomatillos are in season, but you would never of guessed with all the weeds in their field! (hint look at the bottom, you can kind-of see the fruit)


Day 214: Went to a cousin’s baby’s first birthday. It was held at a park which was really nice since it wasn’t that popular (yet, it is a fairly new park). At one point Jon and I took a walk around and found these recently hatched caterpillars. I wonder what kind they are.


Day 215: I took a picture of one of my favorite South Jersey sites. My mother made me drive part way to Philadelphia from our hometown (where Alexa is). We pulled off into Martin’s Liquors to switch seats since she was going to drive in the city as I was still pretty new to driving. I couldn’t get over the liquor-store-dunkin-donuts combo! The funny thing is that there is a good amount of people who stop for the donuts! And they have a great selection of liquors, I even got Sage by Art in the Age. I’m going back for Rhubarb!


Day 216: Totally forgot to take a photo this day! Whomp whomp!

Day 217: Came home to find a toilet in front of my house. Nice…. it went away shortly.


Day 218: I didn’t have any cilantro for my salsa verde so I thought I would try putting in some sage. It’s a work in progress but hopefully will be posted on the blog.


Day 219: Love how the light is going through the plant. 


Day 206: Wild berries growing on my CSA grounds. I always love photographing them.


Day 207: Last shot of my once blue bedroom wall. Goodbye old apartment!


Day 208: ;Doesn’t my cat look moody as fuck? It feels a little bit like a kitty anti-depression commercial. It would end with her playing outside , conquering her depression, chasing butterflies.


Day 209: A close up shot of an Angel’s Trumpet.


Day 210: This was a shot where I thought “this is probably a stupid shot, but whatever” but I really like how it turned out. 


Day 211: A lone pink flower.


Day 212: Some potted plants at work.


Day 192: Pigs at the farm getting a drink


Day 193: Butterfly on a small flower


Day 194: Branch floating in some water


Day 195: I love these silvery leaves. Actually any leaf that isn’t green blows my mind.


Day 196: Super big red hibiscus bloomed.


Day 197: This seemed like a great shot of the apartment before the move- blanket half off the couch, beer opened, nail polish in a shipping box, napkins all over. And Toulouse- sitting right in the middle of the couch. Really cat? You need to be in the middle?


Day 198: Late at night on moving day, Toulouse starts to warm up. She likes how she can watch people from the stairs.


Day 199: The day after moving my niece had her birthday party, and we had to go make an appearance. Gwen decided that she had to dress up as a mermaid after swimming. She looked so stinkin cute I had to take a photo, she even straightened out her tail for the photo.


Day 200: All of Sunday was a confusing haze. So much to clean, so much to unbox, and no luxeries. Luckily I found the record player, power adapter, and records first thing in the morning. What do you play on a Sunday morning- uh Christian hair metal bands! They were my Uncle’s old records, and I think they were a gift since they were still in the wrapping.


Day 201: Toulouse is warming more and more up to the rest of the house, and is napping in our room without sleeping UNDER the bed, next to it but not under.


Day 202: Funny how the different colored hibiscus bloom at different times at work.


Day 203: I forgot to ask my boss what these flowers are, but they are pretty cute. They remind me of sakura/cherry blossoms.


Day 204: Not sure why I love these old dead stumps at work. I guess I like how the bark wraps around the tree rings.


Day 205: Really disappointed with these photos. Jon and I went to the Impressionist exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Our tickets were really early in the morning (well 10 am) so to avoid crowds, which is a GOOD thing. Anyways, when we got out I wanted to grab some beers at the Oval, but the garden was closed, my feet hurt, and we were getting hungry so I rushed with the photos. This was the best one I got. Ugh. Maybe another time.


Day 185: Bee checking out the sunflowers


Day 186: This is the dreamiest graphic design for a brewery. I had no clue this brewery opened in Flying Fish’s old Cherry Hill location.


Day 187: Ducks keep on swimming.070615-o


Day 188: Toulouse laying down, placing her dainty little paws in the sunlight.


Day 189: Rick told me to photograph his hibiscus flowers. IT IS HUGE!


Day 190: Peeling bark off of an old tree stump.


Day 191: Picked up my Grandparents from the airport and got so hungry I got a tofu banh mi from Banh Mi Boy. Will post a review on the site.


Day 171: Dew kissed carrot tops- or is it dill?


Day 172: Homemade mango sorbet with the in-laws


Day 173: Took a trip into the city and visited P.S. & Co.


Day 174: There was a huge storm that went by, afterwards the sky turned crazy colors with crazy clouds.


Day 175: The weather has been so cool lately, so Toulouse has been all about the windows lately.


Day 176: Took a picture of a beautiful mural in Philadelphia.


Day 177: Just a little ladybug.


Day 178: This house is part of my CSA, and Jon and I are trying to figure out what it is used for. We are guessing it is where the interns stay… but it looks nicer than where the owners stay. Such a mystery.


Day 179: Still trying to stick to my “not plant photos” rule, and I think I am doing pretty good so far. This is one of the historical building in Philadelphia.


Day 180: I had to take a photo of the worlds cutest beer bottle. As for the beer itself, not the greatest.


Day 181: Starting to make some pickles.


Day 182: A rusty old garbage bin is sitting on the street of my work, but it was kind-of cool looking.


Day 183: Tried the savory vegan lunches at Espress It and will be writing a glowing review soon.


Day 184: What the pickles ended up looking like once fermented.


Day 164: I was really half assing this shot expecting a crappy photo, but when I got home I was really surprised how nice it turned out!


Day 165: Got a recipe for buffalo collard greens coming up. I love this recipe, btw, so much I have been buying extra collards from the farm, and eating it three times (once a week). I noticed a cat in my shoot, so I got a photo of her.


Day 166: Plants, plants, plants, seems to be all I photograph right now? Maybe because my place is a mess from lack of motivation. I mean I am only moving in like a month.


Day 167: More plants. I think I am starting to get lighting, aperture, and all that jazz down. I am thinking I should refocus on my photography by spending more time on each individual photo.


Day 168: Green plants, leafy plants, plants are my muse, or just all around me.


Day 169: Maybe I should make a rule next week, no photos of plants?


Day 170: Finally, a non-plant! My work is being featured in South Jersey Magazine and my boss wanted a photo of her (the other boss didn’t want to be in a photo) So we set up a little fake framing job, got a step-stool and took some pictures. We had a perfect lighting in the front. We probably spent an hour taking photos, figuring out the right pose, which actually was really unnatural XD


Day 157: Another day at the farm


Day 158: Alexa brought over a birthday gift for me and Toulouse has been napping by the tissue paper for the next week.


Day 159: Working on some protein brownies 


Day 160: Jon and I are in a local newspaper. Pretty excited about that.


Day 161: Got a cupcake from Sweet Freedom to get some pictures for the blog before I move far far away from it.


Day 162: I had to document my odd get-up. I was driving home from my Orangetheory class and had to put on sunglasses. The only ones I had were these sparkly ones.


Day 163: Huge mushrooms are growing.