Day 234: I ended up in the “backroom” of my CSA and my father-in-law helped make some of these storage containers for squashes and such. That is a lot of spaghetti squash.


Day 235: Spent the morning making some peach chutney. It was awesome and makes me want to make some indian food.


Day 236: Wrote a spur of the moment review on these awesome chocolates by Ooh La La Raw Chocolates.


Day 237: Sneak peak to one of my vegan mofo recipes.


Day 238: This guy returns to my works, I’m getting better and better at photographing these little buns.

082615-o-1 082615-o-2

Day 239: This is the back of a really cool old truck. I don’t know why I love how the back faded.


Day 240: Trying to use my telephoto lens more. Practiced on these birds at the feeder at work.