Day 164: I was really half assing this shot expecting a crappy photo, but when I got home I was really surprised how nice it turned out!


Day 165: Got a recipe for buffalo collard greens coming up. I love this recipe, btw, so much I have been buying extra collards from the farm, and eating it three times (once a week). I noticed a cat in my shoot, so I got a photo of her.


Day 166: Plants, plants, plants, seems to be all I photograph right now? Maybe because my place is a mess from lack of motivation. I mean I am only moving in like a month.


Day 167: More plants. I think I am starting to get lighting, aperture, and all that jazz down. I am thinking I should refocus on my photography by spending more time on each individual photo.


Day 168: Green plants, leafy plants, plants are my muse, or just all around me.


Day 169: Maybe I should make a rule next week, no photos of plants?


Day 170: Finally, a non-plant! My work is being featured in South Jersey Magazine and my boss wanted a photo of her (the other boss didn’t want to be in a photo) So we set up a little fake framing job, got a step-stool and took some pictures. We had a perfect lighting in the front. We probably spent an hour taking photos, figuring out the right pose, which actually was really unnatural XD