Day 94 : Went for a walk since it was pretty warm. Slowly everything is budding.


Day 95: For Easter dinner I brought my very belated Christmas gift. My husband thought he would make a creeper cat puppet.


Day 96: Showing off my handmade purse. I am already thinking of how I can make the purse better and create a small camera pack. If it works, maybe I will start selling camera purses on etsy?


Day 97: Made some tamarind sprout wraps for lunch. Recipe coming up for the blog soon!


Day 98: It has been gross and misty all week. For some reason this photo seemed to capture how I’ve been feeling all week.


Day 99: Tried out the new restaurant Honeygrow, I can’t wait to go back again to feature on the blog.


Day 100: I just really wanted to show off my purse.