Day 150: Jon picks some strawberries for our first week at our CSA.


Day 151: Took some photos while Jon got our air conditioner which we store at his parents house. Last year we have to do that!


Day 152: Went for a long walk in Haddonfield and took a photo of the blooming dogwood trees.


Day 153: If you didn’t know, rabbits population usually goes in cycles, essentially rabbit populations reach a peak, and the population either gets eaten by local predators or they die out from too much competition. Once the population hits a low, the population starts to grow again. Anyways, the rabbits have been rather low lately, so I was so excited when I saw this pretty guy.


Day 154: Finally getting some rain, and I am not complaining!


Day 155: Finally got these shoes! It is about time since two pairs of shoes are getting holes in them. Eek!


Day 156: The plants at my work are finally blooming.