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Day 80: Jon asked if I wanted to go for a walk, then started to refill the window wash in the cars. I photograph him to kill the time.


Day 81: Jon suggests another walk and proceeds to waste time by checking out the cars before heading out.


Day 82: This was not a very tasty shake, but it sure looked cool with the marbling effect.


Day 83: My work got some special “congrats on your new location flowers”


Day 84: My back was hurting so I left work early and I got some Sweet Freedom snacks to cheer me up.


Day 85: Took some photos of the abandoned bowling alley before heading to work.


Day 86: Made a huge pan of lasagna- so much that I needed 4 lbs of tofu.


Day 73: Jon stated taxes, and I loved how Toulouse looks like she is managing Jon. Making sure he is staying on top of his work.


Day 74: I don’t think this is a particularly good shot, but I love the drastic change in color. The yellow from the lamp, red-orange from the couch, green walls.


Day 75: Made a recipe from Ani’s Raw Food Asia and I am always amazed at how “cooked” some raw food look.


Day 76: Soap Suds.


Day 77: A nice warm day. I can’t wait till the tree start turning green.


Day 78: Great outtake from my photo shoot for the CrossFit post.


Day 79: And then on the first day of spring it snowed! It was, in my opinion, a great surprise. I went for a run in the early morning snow and it was wonderful. It made me think about how and why I love running. It is quick to start up, no driving, cheap, etc. But I like it for a similar reason why I like to hike, you are just out there, taking whatever weather nature hands you. 


Day 66: A local coffee roaster, Revolution Roasters, finally opened a store front. I was pretty excited to visit, and I fell in love with the blue guy.


Day 67: I took a photo of the sidewalk to prove that I am particularly glad about the spring for my running. I like running on the sidewalk since some people run straight up in the middle of the road, and I find that obnoxious (and I don’t want to be obnoxious, right?) But I live in a old neighborhood, some people shovel, some people don’t. But when people do shovel, their side walks can still be icy since they are old and uneven. So I figured, hey, let me take a photo and show what happens when snow melts- they make giant puddles that freeze up. Just glad it all over.


Days 68: Alexa and I hung out and went to Asbury Park for some Mogo. While driving we talked about the unique beach culture we grew up with (anyone part of a beach club? Probably not, seeing how I haven’t heard of any outside of our area) Then we passed by the most impossible sign. I miss the beach.


Day 69: My fuzzy was being super fuzzy.


Day 70: I wanted to post this smoothie for Thursday but straight up forgot. Oops! But the photos have such dramatic lighting.


Day 71: My boss was late for work so I had to sit in my car for a little bit. The most interesting thing to photograph was this little squirrel buddy.


Day 72: I took some photos a soup for another recipe post. I loved this shot of hand, but then saw my polish is totally chipped! I haven’t painted my nails in probably a month.


Day 59: I used rice flour this time making my general tso’s tofu and cauliflower and I thought “my god, this is pale, I need to record this!”


Day 60: Thought I would try and take some photos of the birds near my window. I definitely need to get a tripod for this. But check out this cute tit!


Day 61: Made yet another yummy latte that will posted on the blog Monday.


Day 62: One client commissioned my work to build a vase stand. We placed a patterned stained glass pane with a mirror behind it. It looked like tin foil, but looked very different when I photographed it. Now I know what people mean when they say photographing glass is hard.


Day 63: Spent the whole day reorganizing the frames, I felt the need to photograph the progress.


Day 64: A snow storm came but and tried to photograph more birds from our window again. Possibly a slate-colored junco?


Day 65: Light shining on the leaves, melting the snow.


Day 52: It snowed all day on Saturday. Weather predictions said there was going to be two inches of snow, so Jon and I made plans to eat out for dinner. So sat inside, placed our order and as we stepped outside we realized it snowed at least four to six inches! It was a slippery drive, but we luckily got behind a snow plow all the way to the Chinese food restaurant. Bonus? Some extra snow shoveling action.


Day 53: I made a new recipe for Maca Maple Latte, posted on Monday.


Day 54: I got the impulse to start a puzzle on Sunday, so I felt compelled to take some puzzle photos on Monday.


Day 55: Took a photo for my Winter reading reviews. Hopefully it will be posted within the first two weeks of March *crosses fingers* There will also be a review on the first volume of the Sailor Moon manga, I read it on the kindle so it couldn’t be part of the photo.


Day 56: Taking some photos of my Florida avocado for a new blog post. Looks like Toulouse is licking her chops since this looks so dang tasty.


Day 57: More puzzlin’ going on. Got one of the spirit wolves put together.


Day 58: Busy day at work, there was a last minute shadowbox for a funeral, and I stayed an extra two hours, and saw a car crash! No photos since I left my camera at home.

Day 45: Made buffalo chickpea pizza for Valentine’s Day.


Day 46: Worked on the weekend, and loving the skyline when I head home.


Day 47: My Boss showed me his gang of turkeys at his house. He’s been feeding them, and now has a wild security system. He supposedly saw some male turkey’s chase after the garbage truck, and he thinks they were chasing it away from the house. But I found a turkey feather and had fun playing around with it.


Day 48: The past week my work has been moving to it’s new location. We happened to put it our first temporary sign.


Day 49: We always cover table tops with paper at my job so it is easy to rip off and “clean” the table. This time we used old Valentine’s Day wrapping paper since we hated it so much, and we had SOOOO much of it.


Day 50: The sun is out a little longer, giving beautiful colors when I get home.


Day 51: Switched my cat to the old harder to get food “bowl.” She’s not too happy but she is so cute getting her food out.


Day 38: The Philadelphia Museum of Art had a really cool are exhibit of experimental high-end furniture. This is actually a close up of a chair.


Day 39: My komucha has a spooky glow.


Day 40: Made a trip out to Grindcore House for a latte with coconut milk.


Day 41: One of the last few days I’ll be able to walk to work.


Day 42: Completely forgot to take a photo. Oops!

Day 43: Working on kombucha cocktails from Kombucha Revolution. This one has ginger flavored kombucha and apple brandy.


Day 44: My amaryllis is starting to grow again, maybe I will see it bloom soon.


Day 31: Had Jon model my Mother’s knitting.


Day 32: Made some pizza dip, with a super yummy onion and pepper layer


Day 33: Made cornbread topped baked beans from But I Could Never Go Vegan.


Day 34: Something was really cool about mushrooms and snow…


Day 35: Gum Tree Balls litter my sidewalks

020415-o-1 020415-o-2

Day 36: I noticed two blocks of wood in electrical wires. I guess a tree grew around the wires and had to be chopped down.


Day 37: Took more photos of my cameras.


Day 24: Tried playing with my cat, but she just left the tinsel on.


Day 25: A nice shot of my hubby and his beard.


Day 26: While cleaning the sheets, my cat decided to climb on my big pile for a nap.

012615-o-1 012615-o-2

Day 27: There is a local cemetery in my town that is across from the high school. It is interesting since it is so close to residential houses as well. One of the downsides, I guess, when living in a small older town.


Day 28: Fixed my old bike necklace and thought I would start playing around with manual exposure and shutter speeds.


Day 29: Still playing around with exposures, apertures, and lighting the next day.


Day 30: I had a horrible migraine all day so I took the day off.

Day 17: Started to flip through my copy of I Could Never Go Vegan. Already made one of the recipes!


Day 18: Raining day, so I took a photo of my vintage swinger camera.


Day 19: Took a day trip into Collingswood.


Day 20: Had a bad photo day. None of my photos came out, and sadly this one was the best one I got.


Day 21: It was suppose to snow on this day, but not much came down, as you can see from this photo. Major bummer.


Day 22: I am super excited about this photo. I wasn’t feeling very inspired and was kind-of just taking a photo of something. I ended up with my favorite photo of the week.


Day 23: I had to place my backpack down to look for my house keys and thought the peeling paint looked pretty cool.