Day 45: Made buffalo chickpea pizza for Valentine’s Day.


Day 46: Worked on the weekend, and loving the skyline when I head home.


Day 47: My Boss showed me his gang of turkeys at his house. He’s been feeding them, and now has a wild security system. He supposedly saw some male turkey’s chase after the garbage truck, and he thinks they were chasing it away from the house. But I found a turkey feather and had fun playing around with it.


Day 48: The past week my work has been moving to it’s new location. We happened to put it our first temporary sign.


Day 49: We always cover table tops with paper at my job so it is easy to rip off and “clean” the table. This time we used old Valentine’s Day wrapping paper since we hated it so much, and we had SOOOO much of it.


Day 50: The sun is out a little longer, giving beautiful colors when I get home.


Day 51: Switched my cat to the old harder to get food “bowl.” She’s not too happy but she is so cute getting her food out.