Day 73: Jon stated taxes, and I loved how Toulouse looks like she is managing Jon. Making sure he is staying on top of his work.


Day 74: I don’t think this is a particularly good shot, but I love the drastic change in color. The yellow from the lamp, red-orange from the couch, green walls.


Day 75: Made a recipe from Ani’s Raw Food Asia and I am always amazed at how “cooked” some raw food look.


Day 76: Soap Suds.


Day 77: A nice warm day. I can’t wait till the tree start turning green.


Day 78: Great outtake from my photo shoot for the CrossFit post.


Day 79: And then on the first day of spring it snowed! It was, in my opinion, a great surprise. I went for a run in the early morning snow and it was wonderful. It made me think about how and why I love running. It is quick to start up, no driving, cheap, etc. But I like it for a similar reason why I like to hike, you are just out there, taking whatever weather nature hands you.