Day 59: I used rice flour this time making my general tso’s tofu and cauliflower and I thought “my god, this is pale, I need to record this!”


Day 60: Thought I would try and take some photos of the birds near my window. I definitely need to get a tripod for this. But check out this cute tit!


Day 61: Made yet another yummy latte that will posted on the blog Monday.


Day 62: One client commissioned my work to build a vase stand. We placed a patterned stained glass pane with a mirror behind it. It looked like tin foil, but looked very different when I photographed it. Now I know what people mean when they say photographing glass is hard.


Day 63: Spent the whole day reorganizing the frames, I felt the need to photograph the progress.


Day 64: A snow storm came but and tried to photograph more birds from our window again. Possibly a slate-colored junco?


Day 65: Light shining on the leaves, melting the snow.