Day 52: It snowed all day on Saturday. Weather predictions said there was going to be two inches of snow, so Jon and I made plans to eat out for dinner. So sat inside, placed our order and as we stepped outside we realized it snowed at least four to six inches! It was a slippery drive, but we luckily got behind a snow plow all the way to the Chinese food restaurant. Bonus? Some extra snow shoveling action.


Day 53: I made a new recipe for Maca Maple Latte, posted on Monday.


Day 54: I got the impulse to start a puzzle on Sunday, so I felt compelled to take some puzzle photos on Monday.


Day 55: Took a photo for my Winter reading reviews. Hopefully it will be posted within the first two weeks of March *crosses fingers* There will also be a review on the first volume of the Sailor Moon manga, I read it on the kindle so it couldn’t be part of the photo.


Day 56: Taking some photos of my Florida avocado for a new blog post. Looks like Toulouse is licking her chops since this looks so dang tasty.


Day 57: More puzzlin’ going on. Got one of the spirit wolves put together.


Day 58: Busy day at work, there was a last minute shadowbox for a funeral, and I stayed an extra two hours, and saw a car crash! No photos since I left my camera at home.