As mentioned before, I took a lot of photos this weekend at my CSA. What I love about my CSA is that they encourage members to walk around the grounds. They have a bed and breakfast that hosts weddings, gardens to explore, some wooded trails, whole sale flowers, and an education center. So there’s a lot to explore.

The weather wasn’t the prettiest. There were gloomy clouds hanging above, telling us of the upcoming rain. There wasn’t a drop the entire morning, which gave some great photos of the animals. It did provide rain while we sat around in our cozy apartment.


duck chores

As I mentioned before, our CSA also runs an education center. They host field trips showing kids “farm life.” I use quotes since most of the animals at the farm aren’t being used for their original purpose. No one is milking the cow, goats are kept alive, chicken eggs are not sold at the CSA stores (though the workers might be taking them home).



cow-looks-more cow-looks cow

Can I go on the record that I don’t like cows? Okay, it isn’t ALL cows. I just find them dumb, big, and lacking of personality. Most of the time. It is technically our fault. Through selective breeding humans have made them less intelligent to their wild counterparts. This guy- T-Bone has slowly warmed my heart. While taking photos he walked up to my camera trying to get a good look without touching the electric fence.

goat-buddies goat-door goat

I personally like the goats most. The goats have a special place in my heart. When I started wedding planning my friend sent a link to a wedding featured at my CSA. I saw a goat with the bride and groom. I could never find this legendary goat. Where was he hiding? Literally on the day of the wedding, Alexa and I were driving up to the Inn we heard goat bleating. We pause and thought- do we unload the car and move it like responsible people, or do we run and find the goats. We ran to find the goat- duh. 

We found the goats by the way. Alexa got in some pics too.

napping-pig pig-eating

Sadly our CSA is NOT vegan. Technically our CSA buys pigs every year, raise them, use their poop, and slaughter them every year. It is sad but I am okay with it for a few reasons. One being that the pigs are NOT part of our share. As shareholders we have the opportunity to buy some of the meat at the end of the year. I am not obligated to eat or take any of the meats.

The second reason is that I share my CSA share with my husband, who is not vegan or vegetarian. He eats meat, but is highly compassionate with animals. He thinks that factory farming is horrible, and believes in smaller farms producing meat (along with eating less meat in general). I respect his choices just as he respects my choices.

And my third and final reason, I think it is important for people to make the association of where their food comes from. Yup. I think some people are more likely to eat less meat or become vegetarian by being able to visit these fat cuties. Kids love watching the pigs, so it also gives a better connection of where their meat is really coming from.

sheep-a sheep-b sheep-c

Lastly the sheep. They are kind-of boring but kind-of cuddly cute. You come by and they all come running towards you expecting food. And then I feel a little bad for misleading them. All the sheep are named after Charles Dicken’s characters while all the goats are named after William Shakespeare characters.