Hey guys, sorry to the delayed Sunday Reading post. I mentioned how my husband and I are looking for a house right? Well, things have been tense and stressful since this is HUGE FUCKING DEAL! I feel like the typical American steps are to go to college, then buy a car, get a paying job, rent an apartment, then get a house. Sure there are odd steps in between or you might go to one step before the other (both Jon and I got apartments before getting a car) but each time to do it you get a big heavy weight on your chest as you are signing the papers and handing money to strangers.

Well, my point is that yesterday my husband had a panic attack of “OH GOD WE CAN’T AFFORD THIS!” which he never does, so I started to freak out. It isn’t hard for me to freak out since I am usually the first to start to freak out about our income. But luckily we sat down with his father, hashed out our income and found out, yes we couldn’t afford the houses we were looking at, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as what we thought. The biggest blow? We COULD afford our dream house if we lived in another state, the taxes in New Jersey are just colossal. 

Speaking of houses, the picture above is from one we were looking at. It was a pretty sweet house, and I just wanted cut off some of it and drop it into a different house. They had a cool sun room that had french doors that led into the kitchen (which was AH-mazing)  and it had this funny mini statue of liberty lamp. But the house was 1) totally out of price range, and 2) not very kid friendly so it was booted from out shopping list.

Well, we got over our “it sucks to be a millennial” freakout and we are happily enjoying ourselves again. Thought I can’t wait till we buy this house and start saving money again… one of the things we aren’t buy to save money is beer. It is driving me a little nuts. But on the plus, I am sober and learning a bunch, and loosing some belly because of less calories consumed. Anyways, here are some fun things on the internet.


Um… these beetroot tartlets look AMAZING! I am thinking about making them when we get our first harvest of beet at my CSA… just three more weeks. Can’t wait till the end of May!

A super short article about how people are trying to preserve the cacao plant.

Jon is making me a cake for my birthday, and I have been craving a good old fashioned layered cake. I don’t know how long it has been since going vegan. I just can’t decide on which cake I want though! Any help guys?


An interesting article about stress and sugar cravings, basically saying that sugar helps reduce the effects of stress. BUT they don’t mean it in a good way. The funny thing is that I know someone who eat LOTS of sugar, and all the symptoms made me think of this person.

A great opinion blog post from Sayward about chilling out about nutrition. I use to work in a healthy based fast food restaurant and I was constantly being bombarded with facts and opinions about health. It became clear pretty fast there was a lot of facts that contradict each other. Or people who would make bad decisions because they wanted the “healthiest” option without weighing their options. So many times I’ve been asked “What is the healthiest drink?” The real answer was “depends on what you body needs” but no one wants to hear that. 

NPR wrote a great article about miscarriages and their stigma in society. I think people need to be more open about it to prevent any misconceptions, and provide emotional help.

Gertie is going to release a body positive sketch book for designing clothing. I am loving it since she is making it possible to add or take for each individual body types!


Any noise fans out there? I know I am in the minority, but I found this article really interesting. As a fan of experimental music, and noise music (which is pretty much just a type of experimental music) I was drawn into this article about Japanese Noizu. Oh boy… it is definitely noizy

I wish I had $140 to drop on these cute Margot and Richie dolls! It makes me think of my engagement shoot.

Don’t want a box of chocolates? Try out these box of succulents!

Kaylah has some great photographs of a bunch of cute little guys. One being a tiny little flying squirrel, so cute!

Jamie is having a fun reading bingo game! I might try it out.

Any cake suggestions for my husband to make for birthday? I can never get sick of a classic two layer cake.