This is my first Sunday off in several weeks. It feels great to have two day in a row to get errands done and relax. And work ended just in time for Vegan Mofo- Vegan Month of Food. Basically it means I am going to try and blog at least 5 times a week all about vegan food. So get ready for lots of posts.


To stay in the spirit I am doing the Sunday reading slightly differently. I am posting articles relating to veganism or animal rights. I am also trying to keep in touch with other blogs and post recipes on Vegan Mofo participating sites. So ready for some reads and food?


Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino

I love Vegan Richa, she has great vegan recipes that are made from whole ingredients that aren’t skimpy. Which is why if I am going try a homemade Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino, I want to try out her recipe. Especially since most pumpkin pie flavorings are not vegan! Ugg!

SweetCorn Cake1

Vegan Sweet Corn, Courgette and Red Pepper Cake

I am unfamiliar with this Welsh treat, so I will just trust the author with the authentic-vegan-conversion. It looks too yummy for me not to try. It is pretty much a big savory chickpea and veggie cake. This looks perfect for breakfast or to pair with a soup. If the weather cools down maybe I will make it this week.


Snickerdoodle Rice Crispy Treat

Normally I do not like mixing one baked good with another baked good. Like cherry pie cake, snickers whoopie pies, or pumpkin pie latte (or wait, I do love those!). Not to say they don’t taste good, I just feel like there should be better naming creativity or something. But these snickerdoodle rice crispy treats looks amazing. Look at all that yummy sugar coating the outside! Gah! It’s driving me nuts!


Hogwart’s Spotted Dick with Custard Sauce

I’m not going to lie- I am partially featuring this since of the name. Yes, I am no better than a 10 year old, but I don’t care. But once I put aside the name it is still a tempting treat. I love the idea of steaming a cake, and the contraption to bake it in is super cute!

Where’s the Beef? Going Vegan in the NFL

Remember how I said this is the first weekend I had off in at least a month? Well it is perfect timing since football season has started. I am pretty excited about it especially since David Carter announced he was going vegan in April. Apparently, he isn’t the only one who has gone vegan in the NFL. There are a few people who have, but ultimately stopped. 

Sports Illustrated wrote an article when Arian Foster went vegan, and the reception from the NFL. It talks about how it is possible for players to go vegan, but most problems are from traveling. Eating vegan while traveling is already hard enough for the average person, but imagine doing that while eating 5,000 calories. That’s when it gets tough.

This Rawsome Vegan Life: Come to My Vegan Meet Up + Potluck!

Anyone live in Vancouver Canada? Because if you do, you should head over to Emily’s potluck. If I lived nearby I would go since I am a big fan of the site. I would mostly go so I can eat all of Emily’s desserts. I think this is a great thing for Emily to set up, and it is really brave of her since it can be a risky thing to do as a blog. I hope tons of people show up and it all works out.


Keep Raju Free

Simply put this is a petition. Raju was freed after being chained up for 50 years. Now that he is safe, and in better care, his original owner is fighting to gain ownership again. Sign to help show the courts that you don’t want to see Raju chained up and abused again.


Bonzai Aphrodite: Natural and Cruelty-Free Pest Control

Sayward writes about how to keep mice out of your home while not harming them. I actually learned a bunch of methods to prevent animals from coming in your home to begin with, which is always the best approach. But she doesn’t mention on way that works pretty well. Get a cat. Some methods won’t work for city dwellers though, and touch upon other pests such as raccoons and opossums.