Sorry that I’ve been MIA these past few sundays. My goal was to keep a list of articles and videos that I wanted to feature each week, but my work schedule kept hindered my writing. It’s not that I work really late, but I am on my feet all day and just need a chance to relax. Pile on some personal life issues and working on the blog fell to the bottom of my to do list.

I didn’t want the Sunday Reading post to go for another week, so I’m featuring lighter reads that I enjoyed and could relate to these past few weeks. Sure, some of these featured posts are a bit older, but I’d still like to share them, especially since they are written by some of my favorite blogs. Although I don’t assume my favorite bloggers have perfect lives, you rarely see any of their struggles through the eyes of their blog. So, I am glad to see some of these girls step up and say “hey, I’ve been going through some tough stuff too.”

Scathingly Brilliant: It's Okay to Fail

Scathingly Brilliant: It’s Okay to Fail

Scathingly Brilliant: It’s Okay to Fail

I think it’s easy for any artist can really relate to Kate. Becoming a successful artist before the age of 30 is hard. Alexa can relate as she, at one point, has worked about 4 different jobs at once. I graduated college at the height of the country’s recession and was faced with the question, “Do I get a local job and earn money to support myself during the recession, or do I pick up my life, move to Los Angeles and try to get my foot in the film industry and just hope to get paid?”

This isn’t all that Kate talks about. She explains how everyone is in different stages in their lives. Although I am financially secure and married, I kind-of wish I flexed my artistic muscles more after graduation. And part of me feel like I am a failure for it. I know it isn’t true, so I keep moving on with my life, trying to make it right.

Pineneedle Collectives: Photo Outtakes

Pineneedle Collectives: Photo Outtakes

The Pineneedle Collective: A Post of Outtakes

Annika is super cute and super fashionable. But she shares the dark secret that she can take a horrible photo. We all have bad photos of ourselves. It happens. But in the digital age of photoshop, we can start to feel self-conscious about the craziest things (like I am OCD about wrinkles in my photos). Other bloggers can seem and look perfect, but trust me, there ARE blooper photos. Annika shares them. Not just the ones that are a little bit goofy, but she still looks fabulous. We are talking about double-chin faces. Or photos where she looks like a grumpy little girl who really didn’t want to wear that dress to Grandma’s. The photos are fun and a great reminder that we are all flawed, and that is okay.

This Rawsome Vegan Life: Staying Vegan On Your Period

This Rawsome Vegan Life: Staying Vegan On Your Period


This Rawsome Vegan Life: How to Stay Vegan On Your Period

I love Emily’s food blog, even though I have been too lazy to pull out my food processor to make any of her raw desserts. But I keep reading since I love her writing. In one of her recent posts, she discusses how she actually lost and gained back her period all with a vegan diet. Emily admits to her eating problems, which caused her to lose her period. But what I really admire is that she stuck to her morals and continued with a vegan diet. I know some vegans or vegetarians who struggle with anorexia or other eating disorders, and they are usually pushed to go to back to an omnivorous diet. Emily proves that you can be healthy on a vegan diet, you just need to listen to your body.


Connoisseurus Veg

My co-worker and good friend, Chrissy, recently spoke to me about everything going on in her life and mentioned how she’s excited that her boyfriend’s friend (yeah a mouthful) is coming up to visit. Her boyfriend’s friend is also a blogger who shares recipes. Chrissy shared it with me and I am loving it. But the real reason I am sharing it? Probably just because I like the dinosaur in her banner. 


Female Runner Who Uses Nike+

On a lighter note, running in penis shape patterns might be a new trend. Well, maybe not. But Jezabel wrote a small piece about Claire, a woman who has a tumblr account full of running paths in shape of things, mostly penises. Other drawings have included an amish woman, a corgi, a birdcage, and the middle finger. Is this a trend that I will start following… maybe.