Dress: Jack by BB Dakota via Modcloth | Necklace: TBD | Shoes: Payless

New outfit post! 

I originally bought this dress from Modcloth in a size too big and was SO disappointed! It was definitely a bummer because I had seen it on their website and found it adorable and perfect for the summer time. When I finally received it all previous problems had vanished. 

This is my first Jack by BB Dakota dress, but I have noticed from their other dresses on Modcloth that I probably just really like the brand itself. A lot of black and white dress styles, which fit perfectly with pretty much everything I wear. This dress is perfect for Spring and Summer, it is very light-weight and has great little details added onto it. The only complaint I have about this dress is the slip underneath. I feel as though the center is never truly “centered” when I have it on unless I adjust it several times throughout the day, and whenever I do go to adjust it it shifts awkwardly. I’ll pull on the left side and I feel the right side move. Weird! 

Close Up

I just love the way that the lace separates the polka-dot portion of the dress. It’s classy and cute! And it helps my accessories to stand out.

 I bought the necklace when I went to the Asbury Park Tattoo festival las year. I don’t remember exactly which booth I bought it from, but I know I got their business card, which I think is floating around my room somewhere. Oddly enough I don’t feel like I have a lot to wear it with because most of my dresses are bright or have too much pattern and it would get lost. For whatever reason this dress works perfectly. I love the piece itself – I just need more to wear it with! I will probably write a blog post about my favorite accessories and try to get a better picture of it – the detail is really very pretty.

Props to Carolyn for taming my hair!

Props to Carolyn for taming my hair!

 I had also gotten my hair done the day before I took the photos in the black dress. I loved the way it looked so obviously I had to take pictures! My friend Carolyn (she got me the beautiful charm bracelet in memory of Blaze, mentioned here.) does my hair from time to time and I am never disappointed with the outcome! This week she gave it a straightening treatment which I was in desperate need of! My hair, as I am sure you have all seen, is extremely unruly since I cut it last summer. I have been growing it out – but it’s in that “awkward phase”. She was able to make my hair so soft and it looked beautiful for almost an entire week*! (*Note: Yes I showered! C’Mon guys!). I think I have mentioned it before, but if any of you live in Monmouth County in New Jersey you should all give Carolyn a call!! She styled everyone’s hair for Jenny’s Wedding last year and everyone looked beautiful! You can find her over at La Caché over in Middletown. Thanks, Girl!