Sweater: Mystery China Brand | Dress: Freeway via Modcloth | Tights: Target | Socks: H&M | Shoes: Frye Boots (hand-me downs)

As I wrote down all the clothing, I just noticed I own a lot of leather considering I don’t eat meat. All have been gifted, vintage, or hand-me downs. I guess I don’t like the idea that an animal died just to have it be thrown out. But I am glad to have such a stylish Mother-in-Law (who has the same shoe size), otherwise I wouldn’t get these great boots. They have been a lifesaver this winter.

Snow came down again, which made my walk to work really cold. Not to mention my work is back to it’s freezer status, which is the downside of older buildings. This sweater is super wonderful. I bought it for under $20 from some ebay site with low expectations. I just wanted something cute and warm. What I got was a fuzzy and warm sweater. I actually come home sweaty because it is so warm. And I as I write this I am sad that I didn’t take a photo of the back. As it has the same striping from the sleeves on the back, even with a little orange mixed in there.

I will hopefully have another great recipe to post tomorrow. And by recipe I mean just a cocktail. But hey, who doesn’t love a drink?