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Let’s just assume this is fake fur.

I remember loving my Grandmother’s food when I was little. I remember eating lots of junk food (the only real time I got a chance were at grandparents and friends houses) and pouring tons of gravy over my ham/turkey and mashed potatoes. But when I got older I figured out why I used so much gravy, the meat was always dry, in fact everything was dry. Heck even last Thanksgiving she dried the only thing I could eat that she made- Pillsbury crescent Rolls. I didn’t even know that was possible. So in someways it is better than I am vegan, I get to bring my own food.

But oddly my Grandmother always forget that I am vegetarian let alone vegan. She very politely says “Oh you shouldn’t cook next time, Grandma will take care of you” but it a double edged sword, risk getting a veggie lasagna filled with cheese and/or get a not so great dinner. I think at this point I stopped tell her and just bring food. The only downside of this method is that we get like 4 desserts for the end of the night, and I can only eat one (guess who is eating all that pie? ME!)

But whenever I do say I am a vegan, my Grandma talks about how my Great Grandma was vegetarian and wouldn’t eat meat. This was a surprise for all my family. They never heard about this before. And my Grandma hasn’t talked about how wearing onions on the belt was the style at the time, so I trust she is telling the truth. It is kind-of cool think that not eating meat is in my blood. And it probably was harder to abstain from meat 80-90 years ago than it is now. Of coarse, I don’t actually know much about my Great Grandmother, she passed away before I was born. Even my Grandfather passed away before I was born.

I like to think that I can pass on the tradition of being compassionate to animals to my potential children, and they will teach their kids the same. 

So I, Jennifer, moved out to my new house. And we got the “basics” done. We have the kitchen unpacked enough to get dinner on the table without ordering out. I have clothes to change into, and the computer and TV is hooked up. So now I am stuck with all the “little stuff”, mostly needing new furniture…(hello trip to ReStore). Anyways, I needed to do some blogging, and didn’t have much time to do my normal stuff. Sometimes I like reading those mindless about me surveys. I filled it out with Alexa, so maybe you guys will find it fun.


A – Age:

Jen: 28
Alexa: 25

B – Biggest Fear:

Jen: Being up high with steep drops
Alexa: The ocean. Also the idea of “nothing”. Sometimes I think too much about the vastness of space and time and feel extraordinarily tiny, so then I go watch cat videos online to make myself feel better. 

C – Current Time:

Jen: 5:22 pm
Alexa: 1:34 pm

D – Drink You Had Last:

Jen: Green’s Tripel Blonde Ale (vegan & gluten-free btw) or water
Alexa: Water, Fit Aid (post work out), coffee (black, like my soul).

E – Easiest Person To Talk To:

Jen: Sometimes Jon, Sometimes Alexa.
Alexa: Sometimes Ian, Sometimes Jen (but also my *other* main squeeze Vreni). 

F – Favorite Song:

Jen: “Super Sexy Woman” – Sufjan Stevens
Alexa: “We Sink” – CHVRCHES

G – Grossest Memory:

Jen: Stepping into some cat barf right after taking a shower.
Alexa: Cleaning up cat barf, either that or a REALLY bad diaper change when I was babysitting little babies. So bad it’s been blocked from memory…

H – Hometown:

Jen: Fair Haven
Alexa: Rumson


I – In Love With:

Jen: Ma bb Toulouse— and my husband Jon.
Alexa: Miso, my cat, my soul mate. I like Ian too.

J – Jealous Of:

Jen: People who have the time, certain type of job, and perfect hair for dying it crazy colors. 
Alexa: ^ what she said!

K – Kindest Person You Know:

Jen: Hands down Alexa. (Alexa, don’t feel like you HAVE to say me, I know I am a horrible person)
Alexa: 1) I’m so totally flattered right now!! 2) Jen is definitely on my list no matter what she says, Ian is also absolutely on the list. He’s almost too kind for his own good.

L – Longest Relationship:

Jen: Friendship- Justine, Romantic- my husband Jon.
Alexa: Friendship – Morgan, Romantic – Ian


M – Middle Name:

Jen: Christine
Alexa: Helen

N – Number of Siblings:

Jen: Two older sisters
Alexa: 1 Brother, 1 Half-Brother & Half-Sister, 2 Step Siblings (brother and sister, my step-mother’s kids), and 3 MORE Step Sibling (1 sister and 2 brothers, my step father’s kids). 

O – One Wish:

Jen: Magically all my packed boxes would go into the right spots in the house, and furniture would magically appear where I need it.
Alexa: That I could be moved out of my parents’ house and have my own room for making art. 

P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last:

Jen: Telemarketer. Lame.
Alexa: Ian!

Q – Question You’re Always Asked:

Jen: “You’ll never ever eat a hot dog again? Ever!?” Feel free to insert bacon, hamburger, turkey, etc.
Alexa: “You really like cats don’t you?” 

R – Reason To Smile:

Jen: Toulouse is getting use to the new house and is hanging out near me.
Alexa: I snuggled with my cat last night and had a delicious vegan breakfast!!!

S – Song You Last Sang:

Jen: “Apa” by 2NE1
Alexa: “Take My Love and Run” by Bad Suns

T – Time You Woke Up:

Jen: 6:30 am
Alexa: 8:00 am

U – Underwear Color:

Jen: Grey with black leopard spots
Alexa: Grey with stars all over them. 

V – Vacation Destination:

Jen: Going back to Bar Harbor for Hiking, or going a tour of Eastern Asian (South Korean, Japan, China, etc)
Alexa: A tropical Island, Japan, Disney

W – Worst Habit:

Jen: Drinking too much before dinner, drunk chopping = bad.
Alexa: Picking at my finger nails and then my fingers.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had

Jen: None, well my teeth.
Alexa: Teeth!

Y – Your Favorite Food

Jen: Beer, Calzones (yey new big kitchen for making vegan calzones!), and Ice Cream.
Alexa: Sushi, Ice Cream, Tacos (veggie friendly of course)…I’m just gunna stop there…

Z – Zodiac Sign:

Jen: Taurus, I don’t really believe all this sort of “when you are born” sort of stuff, though The Secret Language, totally hits me right on the nail. So creepy guise!
Alexa: Astrological: Capricorn   Chinese Zodiac: Border of Snake and Horse

Alexa HEARTS Punk

Oh hi there! I would just like to take this time to introduce myself. My name’s Alexa, and I’m the other half of “One Raw Bite”. To put it plainly – I’m the artistic and slightly less healthy half (not necessarily because I don’t WANT to be). 

 Jenny and I have known each other since I was a freshman in high school (she was a senior). In the short period of time that we went to school together we made a strong bond with each other. Every time we saw each other we listened to music (specifically JPop or KPop related), watched movies (also of the Asian variety) and, you guessed it…ate delicious food! We were much less healthy back then…but hey, that’s what being 16 and 18 years old is for, right?! We also quickly realized that we both have a love of fashion (our tastes have become somewhat refined over the past few years), so really we’re just a match made in heaven. 

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