My friend Justine came to visit and we ended up taking the train into Philadelphia and going to Little Baby’s Ice Cream, something she has wanted to do since Wolfie was a teeny little bb. They are known for their crazy flavors, and I love how they do fun flavors for both the dairy and non-dairy. Plus almost half of the menu is vegan so year. Wolfie got the chocolate milano and I got the balsamic banana. Justine got a mix of chocolate milano and red eye. If you check the place out, be warned, the baby size is very baby sized! 

In the morning I quickly put started jars of pickled jalapeños and a cayenne hot sauce. The pickled jalapeños are just sliced jalapeños in a brine, nothing special. They are just good to have on hand during the winter instead of buying one pepper for a recipe. The hot sauce we will see how it turns out. It is just cayenne peppers, some tomatoes, and lots of garlic cloves and scapes. After 4 days I plan on blending it. 

For dinner I made a massive pot of chili, using 6 cups of pinto beans, 2 asian eggplants, 3 lb roughly pureed tomatoes, 3 italia peppers, and quinoa. It made a bunch, and it was pretty tasty. My Mom gave me some avocados, so we sliced them and topped the chili with them. 


I had to work today, so I packed (and didn’t photograph) the last bit of the tomatillo chili I made last week with some rice. Wolfie didn’t nap at my Mother-in-Laws, nor did he nap well last night, so he was an emotional roller coaster. I was too tired to think, so I quickly made the chili mac casserole. It definitely tastes amazing this time around, but I didn’t photograph it because it never looks amazing lol