Hey Guys, just thought I would give a little update for everyone. You might of noticed I’ve been hardly posting the past few months. Well, I’ve been busy naturally, so I will give some quick breakdowns.

1) VEGAN MOFO! I’ve been trying to prep for Vegan Mofo 2018. I might not be quite as active as every single day, but I have a bunch of posts all ready to go, so there definitely be more than one post per month like I have been doing lol

2) I started a new job! And quit. I was working for Aldi’s to earn some more money, but it became quite clear that the amount of money being spent on daycare and paying for sick visits were not worth the amount of time effort and stress it was putting on our family. Sadly, it means less income for us, but it is best for our overall health and happiness for our family

3) We went on vacation at Bushkill Falls in PA. Hopefully we will have a little post about that, but who knows.

So that’s really it. I will hopefully have my cookbook review of the month tomorrow, and I will be skipping the month of September so I can stick to the them for Vegan MOFO.