Once I became a “Flexetarian” (flexible vegetarian: I am working more and more each day to be a full veggie-saurus, but sometimes eating meat -with exceptions- is hard for me to avoid at the moment) I started to take note of the people I follow in media who are vegan and vegetarian. The more I thought about it the more I felt as though they needed a shout-out and appreciation post, because these people are not only health, animal, and Earth conscious, but they are also just plain awesome. This will be an ongoing project, I think, seeing as I find more cool people who love the planet and it’s inhabitants every day. 

Tyrannosaurus Lexxx on Youtube


I stumbled across Lex’s page a few months back after seeing a video from Laci Green that was about internet equality and making the internet a safe place for women. The main reason her page had popped out at me was mainly because I had created a character with the same name during college (she was a super-villain version of me that wore a silly dinosaur suit and had a fat Komodo Dragon as her companion…really old and badly drawn evidence here), Obviously I had to investigate! It turns out that Lex is a super awesome Vegan-British woman who also happens to be very funny and smart. I hadn’t actually found out about her veganism until I was searching through more of her older videos. All I had known was that she was a big proponent of Lush which specializes in cruelty free and natural based cosmetics and bath products. Along with her main channel (listed above) which is updated weekly with varying types of videos she also hosts a channel called “Girly as Hell“. It hasn’t been updated in about a year, but it still has a great amount of informative videos about veganism and cruelty free beauty products, as well as fashion and ‘haul’ videos.

 Daniel Bryan


While Daniel Bryan is not currently a vegan, he still tries to maintain a mostly vegan diet while being on the road for WWE. He has certainly mentioned his love for vegan food in a (somewhat) recent interview, but he’s been unable to continue his veganism because of a negative reaction to soy. Many “on the go” vegan products have a soy base, and while traveling at all hours of the night/day (and feeding themselves enough calories for an athletic body) it isn’t easy to keep to a strict diet like that. I also want to mention that he and his lovely wife Brie Bella are, as the call themselves, “locavores.” Being on the road as much as they are, they always make sure to post which local farm-to-table restaurant or coffee shop they visit. It’s adorable and I’m sure it helps out the businesses in some way as well! They also have a grey water system built into their backyard in Phoenix, Arizona. These two are probably some of the most earth conscious wrestlers I’ve ever heard of and I appreciate the fact that they don’t hide it to try and keep some sort of weird “street cred” in the wrestling world. It also helps to add to Bryan’s TV persona from time to time if the story calls for it.

Beside the fact that Daniel Bryan is a super chill guy, he’s also a fantastic athlete in the squared circle. He had two amazing matches during Wrestlemania 30 which led to him becoming the World Heavy Weight Champion (until complications intervened) and is currently the Intercontinental Champion. I could go on and on, and I wanted to post some of his best matches below but WWE keeps a pretty tight lock on their best material. I’ll just post my new favorite photo of Ian and I below!!


Mr. Ian and I got to meet Daniel Bryan last month and I gave him a little drawing and a note telling him how much I appreciate him as an athlete. It was very brief, but it made my day (week, month, year). He’s also Ian’s favorite wrestler so it was nice to be able to go with him.

Mamrie Hart


Mamrie Hart is another youtuber whom I have come to adore. She is wickedly funny and hosts a show called “You Deserve a Drink” in which she creates themed drinks based on shows, her friends or celebrities in the media as well as her second youtube channel “Mametown”. Along with “YDAD” (as Mamrie calls it) she also hosts the online exclusive show titled “Hey USA” along with Grace Helbig (the second season is now filming and I am quite excited about it) and even has a book set to come out in a few months (also titled “You Deserve a Drink”. GO BUY IT.). She’s mentioned a few times that she is a vegan and I believe it is mostly because of her continuous issues with dairy. I’ve noticed that she’ll slack on the rules sometimes (mostly with dairy products), but that doesn’t change my decision for keeping her high on this list, seeing as I know she doesn’t eat meat. Mamrie has a cute little dog named Beans whom she adopted from a shelter, which is just another reason to love her! Anyone who looks into giving a home to a shelter dog gets an A+ in my book. The videos I’ve posted below are just a sampling of how funny and endearing Mamrie can be and in the video with Kid President she casually mentions being vegan while the two of them go on an adorable adventure.

Mamrie (and Grace Helbig) also met/interviewed Lil' Bub for "You Deserve a Drink" and that is JUST fantastic.

Mamrie (and Grace Helbig) also met/interviewed Lil’ Bub for “You Deserve a Drink” and that is JUST fantastic.

CM Punk


Pictured: “Womp woooomp”.

This man has…definitely been all over the media lately (as far as wrestling & UFC is concerned anyway). He was once one of the biggest players in WWE; holding the championship for a record of 434 days, leading a cult known as the “Straight Edge Society” and has a bold and (very) outspoken personality, he’s now working on making his way into UFC. Punk had always been popular among wrestling fans because of his talent in the ring and because of his persona, but I would definitely say he is most well known for “dropping the pipe bomb” back in 2011. There was a lot going on behind the scenes that didn’t sit well with him, and rather than let it stew, he let it all out in front of a live audience that June. He’s also a vegetarian (or he was the last time I checked)! Punk wasn’t always a veggiesaurus, but came to realize it helped his mood and health once he picked it up. He also came to realize that it was sometimes easier for him to prepare vegetarian foods and shakes in his trailer (or home away from home as he once called it) rather than hope that the catering team might have made something veggie friendly. That may seem more “rich athlete problems” but I appreciate the fact that he recognized vegetarianism as a legitimate diet for the type of work he did. I’m not sure if he’s currently still on his vegetarian diet, but if he is I would like to give him a solid high-five. All I know is, I can’t wait to see him enter the octagon for his UFC debut!