Happy Easter everyone! I decided to take a week off of blogging to catch up and start writing some blog drafts that I started so long ago. I haven’t done that. I just managed to not work on anything this week. I ended up being so much more busy than I expected. I ended up visiting my Mother who badly hurt her hip, my sister from New York came down and we got drinks (at V Street and The Franklin Mortgage & Investing Co. if you were curious) Now I am finding myself using this weekend making Carrot Cake Truffles (after my carrot cake broke into pieces) and catching up on blog posts. 


I am always hesitant to make raw desserts since they use lots of cacao butter and coconut flesh. But these peanut butter bars look super easy!

Olives For Dinner is making me swoon for her Red Curry and Coconut Ginger Sauce and Crispy Tofu and Fire Noodles.

Vegan News:

I love Angela’s post about if she will raise her daughter vegan, and I am sad to hear that she got some negative feedback. I have to agree with her point of view, and that you can only do so much to raise a child vegan. Think about if you are a catholic, you can bring your child to church, make them practice lent, etc etc. But ultimately you don’t have control over if they continue to practice. What about if a jewish child follows a kosher diet, I am sure they have eaten non-kosher foods when eating at a friends house. When people ask “will you raise your child vegan” I find it a little annoying. If veganism is what you think is morally best for the world, then you will teach that to you children and hope they follow.

Disney World has a vegan bakery!

Other News:

There are calling for a boycott on Indiana.

Coyote spotted on a bar roof on Long Island.

A great photo essay about Swedish fathers using their maternity leave.


I am loving these photos from Kanaho’s blog.

Just bought this print and saw this awesome pin from the same etsy shop.

Kaylah wrote a cool post about different goals for her biking. I am loving this post and it makes me wonder what goals I want to set for myself.


I found this video SUPER awesome. So some vegans don’t consider bivalves to be off limits. And I get that since there is evidence that plants might have some form of pain, and at very least have electrical currents to move. So it is interesting to watch this video talking about whether or not a Portuguese man o’ war is multicellular organism or a colony.

There are so many great facts about pigs in this video, many I would say are arguments to not eat pigs. Which is funny since the video is suppose to raise money for staff porkchop party fund.