Another week has gone by and I have been pretty good about some of my New Years Resolutions (or Goals, whatever way you like to word it) I’ve taken a photo a day, worked out fairly consistently, drinking lots of tea, and abstaining from coffee and booze. In fact the other night I had a beer and noticed how unproductive I got afterwards. So maybe that will be a nice reminder to lay off the beer on weeknights. 

But I am sure you are here for the articles, here are my top five articles (well one video) for the week.


Healthy Hungry Hippo Soup

Can we stop for a moment and bask in the beauty of these hippo rolls? I’ve been getting into the spirit of dipping rolls into soups, and this takes it to a whole new level. Of coarse I have visions of being that crazy Mom who makes hippo rolls and wonders why all the other Mom’s think I’m trying too hard to impress them.


The Future of Meat is Plant-Based Burgers

Here is an article profiling Ethan Brown (founder of Beyond Meat) and their newest product, the Beast Burger. I am always shocked by how many vegans shy away from the “fakes.” I use to be one of them. It wasn’t going to taste the same so why bother? But the older I get, and the more I cook I figure out WHY they are important. One reason is cultural, there is something comforting about being able to eat a traditional meal that you’ve eaten for years. A second reason is texture, you need something chewy or crunchy from time to time. And the third reason is that meats and cheese are often persevered and prepared for easy weeknight cooking. Sure you can do that with a black bean burger, but there are culture “quick” foods that don’t translate easily to homemade vegan. Sandwiches are hard to make vegan and still have them be fast to eat and very filling. Do I live off of the “fakes”? No, but I do occasionally use seitan, gardein, beyond meat, tofutti, and daiya.


This Year, #LoveTheMirror

I think there is too much stress on dieting, staying thin, looking a certain way, and fat shaming. I’ve heard a lot of hateful bashing about “fat people.” I’ve heard people say horrible things about body parts looking too much like this, this person is too thin, that person looks too feminine, too much like a man, whatever. Everyone deserves to love themselves. You don’t owe anyone an apology for how you look. Period.


What Happened When I Made a Resolution to Not Buy Anything New for a Year

I thought this was a pretty cool concept, though I am not sure if I could do that (at least with a husband with plans to buy a house) I would love to try this out one year, but I couldn’t image when I would do this. Maybe baby steps? One week not buying anything, then one month?

Is Birth Control Vegan?

This video gives information you never really put much thought about. Sure we all vaguely remember reading something about the ye old days when viking used intestines for condoms (or something like that) but we are totally more advanced than that right? Well, a little, but there are vegan options out there. This is naturally a touchy topic, and every vegan has their own choices to make.