Another week went by. I went practically the whole week without sitting on the computer, and learning the joys of tablet using. (IE just browsing the internet!) Alexa stepped up and posted three times this week! Sweet. She had a bunch of posts that she has been working on, so she was glad to finally get them up.

I hope everyone is having a great time this October season. I’ve been watching a lot of horror films and drinking pumpkin beers with my husband. Forget pumpkin spice lattes, I am really into seasonal alcoholic drinks. So I just wanna take a moment to talk about scary movies. It is a love hate relationship. Horror films are known for being pretty weak, and mostly for thrills. So almost every year I get excited then annoyed at finding good horror films. Well, I really love Suspiria, the Italian horror directed by Dario Argento. So I watched the movie created after Suspiria, Inferno. Man. It was a mistake.


Visually the movie was pretty awesome, and has a lot of cool scenes. But the plot was confusing and all over the place. The basic story is about Rose who lives in an apartment in New York City. She discovers unsettling information about the building she lives in. She sends an letter to her brother about it. Not reading the whole letter, her brother Mark arrives in New York not knowing what is distressing his sister. Once he gets into New York, he can’t seem to find her, and stays in her apartment to figure out the mystery.

I am not sure why Mark is the main character since he seems to be the thickest and most easily prone to witchcraft compare to all the characters. The first hour has a formula of female finds out the secret of the building, they become frantic, they start to run, they get killed in a horrible way, Mark walks in a is terribly confused. But the story hardly follows Mark around, and hardly any personality was given to him.

The movie has some merits. I personally love movies from the 70s about witchcraft or the occult. The color is the film is amazing, more so than Suspiria. The underwater ballroom scene was a great way of building suspense. There are plenty of extravagant deaths in the film, which I found in some ways a negative, but if that is what you are like, this movie will be a gem. 

I normally wouldn’t go on about a movie, but it just left me with such a downer. I love Suspiria, and it is one of the film I watch every year for October. So I was expecting so much from Inferno. Anyone else have some Halloween movie suggestions? I would love to hear them! But moving on, I know you want to see my favorite reads.


Return of the Double Rainbow Potluck

There isn’t anything profound about this post, but I think it is the coolest idea. The event was simple- two meals (one savory and one sweet) featuring one color. So there was one dessert in red, and one dinner dish in red. One dessert in green and one dinner in green. It was cool reading what each person did to get the color, especially the blue savory. The idea was so cool I wish that I had enough vegan friends to do it. *sigh* One day.


Brunch is For Jerks

I’ve never been a breakfast person. Brunch makes me mad. Simply put my sister loves brunch. Everytime I visit I go to brunch with her. It isn’t the worst since I don’t get stuck with a breakfast option, but the category just made me mad. Anyone who doesn’t live near New York City, there is a law saying you can no serve alcohol before 12. So no one eats brunch until 12. So then I just sit there wondering, why the fuck doesn’t everyone just drink during lunch? Wasn’t brunch a 10 o’clock thing? 

New York City brunch has rubbed Alexa the wrong way too, and I think this article hits it right on the nail. It isn’t that I am out to kill brunch, but the culture around it is a little weird. And as someone who lived in a city where outsiders drink, I can totally understand that some New York natives find the new practice annoying. Instead of hearing drunken shouts at night, you get them in the afternoon.


Getting Real About Diet and Health

I am sure this post has gone around the blogosphere a bunch of times, but it really is saying something important. I love Choosing Raw since Gena has some medical background. She looks at food from a much more objective perspective, and sometimes will call out bullshit on “taboo foods.” I think some of the holistic food community ignores the data they choose to ignore and embrace other.

But this post is more than believing you can heal your body with just food. It goes further to a misconception as a whole. As I read the article I remember the one time my husband use to work at a bank. He was dubbed the “healthy” one since he didn’t do fast food at Burger King or Taco Bell. He caught strep one day from, you know, handling money all day. One coworker made an off hand comment that “even healthy people get sick too, so what’s the point?” 

So people who don’t even embrace a healthy lifestyle has the point of view that food can be a cure all. The idea of general health is somehow lost on people and that to me is frustrating. Sure I think everyone should try and eat healthier whole foods, but I am not going to judge anyone for eating oreos from time to time. 

The SciShow

I’ve fallen love with the YouTube channel SciShow. There are tons of random, fun, sciency videos to choose from. Including some that I learned new vegan information about. Since I just discovered this channel I wanted to share a video, but it was really hard to choose just one. But I picked the video about gynandromorph animals. 

Healthcare Triage: The Milk Industrial Complex

I love it when non-vegans give information that support vegan lifestyles. It seems when most people find out that I am cutting milk out of my diet, people go into a state of panic. Hell, we’ve all been there. I’ve had my Mom send me home with calcium supplements the first time I told her I was cutting milk completely from my diet. I don’t agree with the conclusion but it gives a pretty objective view of the issue, which I appreciate.