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Day 10: I made a new recipe of red bean and broccoli noodles. They taste great but not so photogenic.


Day 11: My kombucha culture stained pink from one batch. Then when I started a new green tea batch, which made a beautiful contrast with the pink kombucha mother.


Day 12: I decided to go crazy and tried out some durian bars. It was actually delicious and creamy.


Day 13: Toulouse takes a nap on our bed.


Day 14: I took some photos of my Grandmother’s wedding veil.


Day 15: The cracked ice caught my attention during my walk into work.


Day 16: A delicious Vietnamese noodle soup that I made from my new cookbook.


Day 4: Went for a walk around town with the hubby.


Day 5: Went to Good Karma with Alexa for catching up.

Day 6: First snowfall for the winter or year, depending on how you look at it.


Day 7: It’s a sad Christmas tree graveyard


Day 8: Trying to photograph Jon’s new candle holders, they’re tough to photograph


Day 9: A pretty lavender sunset


 I wanted to take a photo each day for the entire year. I figure sharing them on Saturday would be a good plan, but to do so it either would mean, lots of photos next Saturday, or only three photos today. I chose posting the three today.

Day 1: Took some photos of books for my reading updates, Toulouse kept blocking the books, but never really “posing” with them.


Day 2: I was feeling under the weather but had to get out of the house. I stopped by Sweet Freedom in Collingswood and took a photo of their bathroom decor.


Day 3: Rainy day encourages snuggling. This was my husband’s favorite picture of the day.