What is that Mogo? You love me?! I love you too! CHU~<3

What is that Mogo? You love me?! I love you too! CHU~<3

Hey guys. Just trying to relax this weekend and catch up on some reading. I have some cool ideas for blog posts this week, and I hope I can share them in a timely manner. What’s coming up this week? A smoothie, a soup, maybe some tomatillos, crossfit, and my experience with counting calories. I hope they will interesting reads. But for now, check these links.

I love banana ice cream, so when I saw this recipe for Caramelized Banana Ice Cream, I completely lost it.

The Kitchn does a post about why Coffee and Booze go so well together. It made me cry a little, two things I love and two things I try to cut out of my diet. But hey, when I indulge I can double indulge right?

Olives for Dinner creates a vegan Carrot Lox. Am I drooling yet?

Alissa makes the most logical vegan move ever- mixing hummus with pasta. What? Which gave me some inspiration for an idea for my dinner tonight.

Vegan Richa publishes a recipe for Lentil Granola! This is such a cool idea, maybe a new granola recipe from me will be coming up.

Food News:
Oh stats! How I love you! NPR does a report showing how much we spend on food. How much? Less than your Granny did

NPR does a small interview with some of the leading names in veganism, and asks the important question- does being vegan really help the animals?

Ever feel like food blogs all look the same? Well, maybe they do.

Fun Stuff:
I am just in love with Jo’s photos from the Auckland Zoo.

I saw Oh Darling’s post about playing around with film, and wanted to try it. So I was happy when I saw lomography’s instructions on how to cook film. Now I just have to get my analog cameras working.

I started a Pinterest board on wombats because I loves them.

Which brings me to my next point- guess who bought this print? This chick.

I’m not a buddist, nor do I meditate really. But I found this article really interesting

This article from the New York Times about how social problems are not isolated in Ferguson is really interesting.