I’ve been wanting to share this portrait for awhile now. I kept forgetting because I am a terrible person. I love Floral Prints and Common Sense, and I have a link on the side. Rachel has a no fuss blog where she posts her outfits, and talks about (at least currently) about her life out of college. I dig her style since she unapologetic for what she chooses to do- lipstick yes, shaving no.

I also dig her art, so I entered a free portrait contest on her blog, AND WON! I was pretty excited to be transformed into a character of my choosing. I was at first thinking about Sailor Jupiter but then thought, no. I asked Alexa for ideas and she mentioned Battle Royale. I loved the book and the movie. Alexa and I even dressed up as Mitsuko and Chigusa for Otakon. I wanted to be in the film costumes but have the ice pick like Chigusa in the book. 

I recommend everyone check out Rachel’s Art Flickr account to see all her different works. She also has an etsy shop where she sells both prints and custom portraits. I don’t see a character portrait option, maybe she stopped doing that. But she has custom couples doodles, blog banners, and solo portraits. Her prints are pretty awesome, my favorite being Robot Babe Eating Floating Pie (cuz that’s the future, floating food).

It is worth noting this is not a paid blog post. I just really want to share my picture with every. single. person. that. I can.

If you ventured this far you get to see Alexa dressed as Mitsuko. It isn’t because I don’t want to share photos of me, I just couldn’t find any. So here is Alexa with some random girl at Otakon. A note about our costumes- I think we got those ties from Hot Topic. Remember girl ties were cool because of Avril Lavigne? Those socks are also mine. I remember shelling out like $40 for them, back in the day when you bought all your Japanese imports from ebay. I think I got my fair use out of them.